Stephen Collins Alleged Molestations and Sexual Perversions Exposed

Stephen Collins

Hollywood has been hit by a particularly nasty bombshell. A well-known actor has been accused of sex crimes against minors. Stephen Collins’ alleged molestations and his sexual perversions have been exposed to the shock of fans everywhere. He was best known as the doting and loving minister father on the once popular and long running show, Seventh Heaven. The bizarre ironies in this yet unfolding horror story are unsettling at the very least, but at the core, it is horrifying and deeply disturbing. What Collins is accused of is every parents worst nightmare. The trusting and handsome face of a beloved television and film star has managed to shatter the illusion of morality and decency it once portrayed.Stephen Collins

TMZ broke the story wide open with an explosive audio recording of Collins confessing in a therapy session that he had indeed molested and exposed himself to several underage girls. In light of this admission, it is terrifying to realize that Collins has been exposed to underage children for most if not all of his acting career. Who’s to say that the abuse didn’t begin long before he ever hit a television or movie screen. The possibilities are astounding in what they could potentially uncover. Stephen Collins is going thru a particularly difficult divorce with his actress wife Faye Grant. Grant has denied leaking the tapes but acknowledges that she did in fact record the sessions as advised by her lawyer. She has even been quoted as saying that she believes there are more victims, many more.

Not only has Collins confessed to these heinous acts, he also penned two very erotic and violent novels that are said to border on soft porn. The plot in the book Eye Contact is particularly explicit and eerily depicts a struggling Hollywood actress engaging in depraved sex acts to satisfy an unquenchable urge to copulate with strangers and expose herself in public. Although the books are perhaps just an extension of Collins’ sexual fantasies, his real life exploits make them pale in comparison. Now that Stephen Collins alleged molestations of these young girls and his sexual perversions have been exposed, he is rapidly being shut out of Hollywood. He has been cut from the production of Ted2 as well as being cut from the popular ABC show Scandal. His talent agency has also dropped him and he has subsequently resigned from the SAG-AFTRA board.

An active criminal investigation is now being conducted by the New York Police Department and they have since flown to Los Angeles to talk to Faye Grant about the tape and the other allegations. Grant fears that the nightmare is far from over as she feels that Collins has used his status as a well-known celebrity to lure in and gain the confidence of young girls. So far only one of his victims has come forward, but many more may speak up before it is all said and done. The one victim has said that she was impelled to come forward after having read the novels Collins wrote back in the mid to late nineties. With Stephen Collins alleged molestations and sexual perversions having been exposed, the world now seems a little more scary. It is a shame and a disgrace that a much beloved actor who stole the hearts of fans young and old, has been shown to be a true wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Opinion By Mai Nowlin

Daily Mail

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