Stephen Collins Wife Believes He May Be a Sociopath


Actor Stephen Collins’ second wife has reportedly stated that she believes her husband is a sociopath. This is according to emails acquired by several different news media sources. Faye Grant allegedly sent an email to a female back in 2012 who Collins supposedly molested when the woman was a child. Grant also reportedly told the victim that she had Collins attend therapy sessions.

Allegedly, the email stated  that Faye said she knew Stephen was a narcissist and sociopath but she did not realize he was a pedophile. She said her husband did not show any kind of remorse, did not appear to have any guilt and the only shame he shows is demonstrated as self-pity.

Grant also allegedly stated that Collins, who played the role of a pastor and also loving father on the show 7th Heaven, continued to wallow in that self-absorption. She stated about how he cried and shrieked about being in terrible pain, but she did not believe Stephen had ever allowed himself to ever think about the agony he had caused children, if he even had the capability of doing so.

It has been reported that the victim was a relation of Collins’ first wife, Marjorie Weinman. Yet, it seems the fight never stops. Faye released a declaration through her attorney this past week, which stated that she had nothing to do with the leaked recording of Collins’ alleged child molestation confession.

Grant, age 57, stated that the situation was extremely sad for everyone involved, but with respect to her divorce proceedings, she explained that she only seeking what was legally hers under California state law. She added that her husband’s recording had not been part of any family court events or any discussions in relation to the divorce proceedings at any time.

Her lawyer also condemned the idea that Grant had attempted to extort the battered 7th Heaven actor. “The statement that my client attempted to extort Mr. Collins with an audiotape is fictitious and slanderous, and nothing could be farther from the truth,Larry Ginsberg said. He added that Grant had actually handed the recording to both the NYPD and also the LAPD two years ago after Stephen had refused to talk about his situation and try to get some help in relation to his unacceptable conduct.

However, Collins’ attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has alleged that Grant attempted to extort her ex-husband out of millions of dollars, much more than what she is legally allowed. Because of this, Grant’s lawyer added that it was offensive and shocking that Mr. Collins’ attorney would now attempt deflecting focus from the troubling recording content and away from Mr. Collins’ admittances by attempting to attack the victims, which include Faye, who Mr. Collins’ attorney is trying to make look like some sort of ‘villain’ in this terrible state of affairs.

The tape of Stephen supposedly giving a confession in therapy in 2012 to the molestation of three young girls, was leaked this past week. It is still vague who actually provided the recording to the media. While in the midst of the scandal, Collins, age 67, was sacked from the movie Ted 2, his scenes were yanked from ABC’s hit drama Scandal and the actor also had to leave his position at the board of the Screen Actors Guild.

Grant was reported to have also written that she had learned a lot about sociopathic behaviors from watching her husband. She claimed that Stephen only acted out of two motivations, these being to follow his prey and to make sure he covered his tracks. Grand and Collins are in the middle of a divorce and will be going to trial on Nov. 12. Faye may be using her beliefs about Collins being a sociopath at the divorce proceedings.

By Kimberly Ruble


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