Supernatural: Reichenbach [Recap/Review]


Sam got Dean back in Supernatural’s second episode of season 10, Reichenbach, but it is not all good news. The older Winchester brother is closed off and emotionless, and does not even care about his beloved Impala. That car is not “just a car” to the old Dean, but means nothing to Demon Dean. It certainly got everyone’s attention.

The episode started with the reunion that everyone has been waiting for. Sam finally got to see Dean as the full demon that he has become. Dean was simply sitting at the piano, and did not want to go home. If it was not for Cole showing up, Sam would not have gotten his brother out there so easily.

Of course, there is poor Cole. He has clearly been traumatized by something that happened with Dean a number of years ago. The question is whether Demon Dean really does not remember, or simply does not care enough to remember what happened to this man’s father. Like many hunters, Cole finally sees that demons in Supernatural are real when he cuts Dean’s face and it magically heals. That seems to have set up a larger storyline. There is the likelihood that Cole, Dean and Sam will all come up against each other in the near future, once Cole has learned everything he can about demons.

Reichenbach also showed Supernatural’s Crowley give up Dean way too easy. Sam did offer the First Blade as a booby prize, but what good is the blade without Dean? Crowley has something else up his sleeve. It is almost like he wants Dean and Sam to fight—or just live—together for a while. However, there is still some humanity within the King of Hell. Looking at that picture of the two of them, clearly remembering the “good times” was very telling.

Crowley may end up helping Dean escape Sam’s clutches. He knows that Dean needs to kill regularly, although the reasons why are still hazy. The older Winchester never even bothered to find out more about this, but maybe that was because he was happy to kill regularly.

Just two episodes in, and Dean is already under lock and key now. Sam is working on bring the humanity back, but it seems buried deeper than ever before. It’s almost like Sam with no soul from season six.

Finally, there is Castiel who is now on borrowed time. The good news is that Hannah has found out that his grace is somewhere. The one and only good thing about Metatron making his appearance in this Supernatural episode is to let her know that information. Fans want Misha Collins to stay, so Hannah is going to have to find a way to find Castiel’s grace and put it back into him.

As for Hannah, she is difficult to like, but she is so similar to the way Castiel was in Supernatural seasons four and five. It was only after spending some time with the Winchesters that he softened up and gained some humanity. There is still time for Hannah to do the same.

There is certainly more to many of these storylines, especially Cole’s. His is not the regular demon hunt gone wrong storyline, which will be refreshing. At the same time, Supernatural’s second episode Reichenbach has raised many questions, like just how deep is Dean’s humanity hidden?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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