Taylor Swift and Jamie Oliver ‘Bake It Off’ for Cancer Charity [Video]

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Naked Chef star, Jamie Oliver, had a “bake off” recently, when Oliver challenged Swift as a Stand Up to Cancer bake-off fundraiser — and, yes, he did a parody of her hit, Shake It Off, called Bake It Off. Who won the bake-off? Find out, by watching the hilarious video below!

The whole bake-off was all fun and done in the name of a very good cause, to raise money for the Stand Up to Cancer organization. Taylor Swift acts in the brief video as if it is a very serious competition, though she purposely gets Jamie Oliver’s wrong, calling him “Jimmy” and “Jeremy.”

Jamie Oliver uncharacteristically gets his side of the kitchen messed up as he sings, and does flips in the air, breaking eggs and flinging chocolate all over the place, bragging that “Pop stars can’t bake, bake, bake.”

Taylor Swift, at first, when Oliver tells her he is known as “the Naked Chef,” says she “is not going to do this if you’re going to be doing this naked.”

She acts annoyed at Jamie’s jibing and tells him “Those aren’t the words at all,” as he sings his own version of her number one song. She makes faces and covers up her ears as if listening to Jamie butchering her song is just too much for her to bear.

“Don’t steal those ingredients,” she tells him at one point as he is singing, adding “This is a serious competition.”

Apparently, the competition is not a serious one for Jamie Oliver. He acts like he has the “bake-off” won before it has even begun, preferring to sing and dance over baking.

Probably, fans of Taylor Swift do not often associate her with her love of baking, but rather for her wonderful singing skills. She eventually joins Oliver in dancing about the kitchen, but Swift still manages to cook up a little surprise for the Naked Chef — a chocolate cake.

“How did you do that?” Jamie asks Taylor Swift.

“I baked it off, Jim!” she tells him.

Taylor Swift was one of a number of celebrities who participated in the Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser. Some of the other celebs were Britney Spears, Pharrell Williams, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Rory McIlroy, Will Ferrell and Andy Murray. Will Ferrell was in a skit as anchorman, Ron Burgundy.

The result of Taylor Swift’s meeting with Naked Chef star, Jamie Oliver, was a very funny and clever parody of her hit song, Shake It Off. She really is quite a good baker, having often baked various treats for her co-workers and also her fans many times over the years. Her collaboration in the spoof video of Shake It Off, called Bake It Off, was one of the highlights of the Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser. Hopefully, the efforts of Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift, as well as those of everyone else involved in the fundraiser, will be successful in raising a ton of money to combat cancer.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jamie Oliver sings ‘Bake It Off’ parody for Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser

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