Taylor Swift Officially Becomes Adviser on The Voice

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has officially become an adviser on talent show The Voice. She will be a key part during the Knockout Rounds when the singers, and coaches, go head to head. There is no confirmation over which coach she will work closely with during this stage of the competition.

The Knockout Rounds are expected to air on October 27 and 28 and then on November 3. It coincides with the release of the singer’s latest album, 1989, on October 27.

The Voice has seen a number of changes this season, with Swift being added as just one of them. Two new coaches joined the team, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams, after Christina Aguilera had her second baby and CeLo Green announced he was leaving for good. The only two constants from the first season are Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

The 24-year-old singer is replacing Chris Martin as a vocal adviser on the show. The Coldplay front man decided to leave at the end of last season, which was shortly before the announcement of his “conscious uncoupling” from wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

NBC explained that the key advisers are important roles. They help the coaches teach all about stage presence and vocal technique; two components that will be important to win the Knockout Rounds. They will also find a way to make the songs suit strengths and personalities. Dance moves on the stage are also a possibility, as they work with stage presence.

So far, Swift has only been officially announced as an adviser on The Voice for the three episodes. There is no confirmation over whether she will still be around for other parts of the competition. There is also no confirmation over whether she will remain as an adviser next year.

The former country singer certainly has the skills to teach others, especially when it comes to making songs fit personalities. She recently made the switch from the country scene to the pop scene, which she says is more challenging. The transition meant that she could challenge herself more as an artist, and it seems like the country scene is behind her.

Shania Twain supported the 24-year-old. Incidentally, Twain made the same switch decades ago, and was one of the first country singers to go towards the pop industry. Many country singers support the youngster, saying that she needs to do what she feels is best for her. She needs to be happy in what she does. The Country Music Association even wished Swift luck when her album date was released.

Making the transition will certainly help her when it comes to coaching other singers. She will understand the importance of finding a sound and style that suits the personality and voice of the individual, and there will be no judgment when it comes to finding that style. It will help her become an asset to the coaching panel this season. Maybe she will even become a coach in a later season if Stefani decides it is time to leave. For now, though, Swift has officially become and adviser on three upcoming episodes of The Voice.

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