Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Covered by Kelly Clarkson [Video]


Taylor Swift is back in the forefront of Hollywood’s limelight, so much so that fellow celebrity signers like Kelly Clarkson are covering her songs such as “Shake It Off” from her new album. Swift is scheduled to release her new CD on Oct. 27 and it is entitled 1989.

A video of Clarkson singing the popular Swift tune has been making the rounds on the internet. The “Because of You” singer begins the introduction to the song by stating her next number will be a “church” song. Clarkson continues by stating that this particular melody is going to be very soulful and she is going to “bring a little Jesus” into the performance. Before she begins singing she also says that this is one of her favorite songs out right now, although she never mentions the song’s name.

Clarkson delays the beginning of her performance because the singer apparently could not hear the key of the song. The star beckons to her accompanist to help her find the key and he retorts by banging out the chord loud and clear for the singer to hear. Clarkson then light-heartedly states that the song is in the key she was hoping it would not be in, insinuating that the vocals are about to prove a little more difficult for the singer. In one final remark, Clarkson raises her hand and says, “Here we go. Come on, Jesus, help me.” The singer then belts out a soulful rendition of the first phrase of Swift’s well-known tune.

The audience immediately recognizes the lyrics and a large roar of cheering follows Clarkson’s singing. The American Idol alumni introduces a new take on the pop single, definitely staying true to her aforementioned statement of performing a soulful number. Almost sounding gospel, Clarkson drags out Swift’s melodies, riffing and belting like crazy. The pace then proceeds to pick up when the melody of the song begins and the energy level is heightened.

Swift has reportedly heard Clarkson’s take on her single and apparently approves of her performance. Swift took to Twitter to show her appreciation of Clarkson’s portrayal stating that she thoroughly enjoyed watching the singer “slay” her song and that it was a perfect way to celebrate the imminent release of her album 1989. Clarkson continued to respond to Swift’s tweet by stating she is a big fan of “Shake It Off” and that she hopes the 24-year-old singer enjoyed the jazzy gospel intro. Clarkson closed her tweet by congratulating Swift on her new album.

The former country star has now severed all of her twangy roots as 1989 will feature solely pop music. 2012’s Red was the album that truly began to segue Swift into the pop music world as the tracks slightly featured that signature country sound, but could still easily be considered as pop. Clarkson has always been predominately known as a pop star, but has also experimented in the country genre as well, an example being a duet version of her single “Because of You” with Reba McEntire.

Kelly Clarkson covering Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is a very refreshing move as it goes to show that even the biggest divas in music can be good, friendly people at heart. Clarkson’s performance of “Shake It Off” can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

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