The Bridge: Jubilex Season Two Finale (Recap and Review)

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The Bridge: Jubilex Season Two Finale (Recap and Review)

The season two finale of The Bridge: Jubilex has everything coming to a head and starts with the two vehicles that Hank and Cross find in last week’s show. Lt Wade stops the semi and Sonya follows the van, she wants to pull the vehicle over and Hank tells her to wait. As Lt. Wade approaches the truck he spies the driver with a pump shotgun, he fires twice and looking under the vehicle he sees blood, the shotgun and a hand. After checking to see if the man is dead, he opens up the back of the semi and finds drugs along with Steven Linder who is barely alive as a result of being shot by Captain Robles in last week’s episode.

Wade calls the federal investigator out to the crime scene to show him what is in the back of the semi. Detective Cross follows the van to a house and the Lieutenant shows the drugs to the investigator. CIA Agent Buckley surprises Daniel in his house when the newspaperman comes home. Buckley threatens Daniel and Adriana while destroying the files that the two journalist’s collected. Frye finds out that his theory of the CIA and the DEA being at war is true.

Buckley gets a call and as he leaves Daniel’s house tells the journo to forget the story. Marco and Romina are walking through the night with Fausto and his right hand man, the girl is in bad shape and Ruiz must help her to walk or she will be shot. Detective Cross hears noises from the house’s garage and rather than wait for backup as Wade told her to, goes in the room. In the season two finale, Jubilex, all the players in The Bridge have their various threads followed up. Even Sonya who, as usual, does not listen to Hank and enters the garage sans backup.

She finds a man standing over a body and as she announces who she is, Buckley comes up behind the officer and knocks her out. He then shoots the man who was in the garage. The agent then calls for a disposal team. Eleanor and Sebastian make plans to continue their work after Fausto is dead. Sebastian has lived up to his side of the bargain and delivered Nacht’s demon to her. The demon is her father, the man who sexually abused her when she was a child. The man has been kept prisoner awaiting his daughter’s arrival for a long time. Eleanor enters the cell and says, “Hello father.”

Sonya wakes up to find the garage empty and she calls Wade who turns up with the investigator. Cross tells Hank that there was a body and Buckley came up behind her and knocked her out. The federal man says he will have a team come in and search the garage. He goes on to explain that McKenzie knew about the war between the governmental agencies and had approached him with information before he died.

On the escape trek, Romina collapses and Fausto decides to “give her a fix.” He hands the syringe to the girl who tells him to get a vein to rise so she can inject. She proves then that even though she is a junkie she is not stupid as she stabs Fausto with the hypodermic and injects him with the heroin. Marco gets the automatic rifle from Galvan’s assistant and Fausto shoots Romina before Ruiz can get the drug boss’s pistol.

Frye shows up drunk at Adriana’s office and she says they have an informant who will talk about CIA agent Buckley. Sonya and Hank talk to Linder who lies about how he wound up in the back of a truck full of heroin. Fausto and his assistant are now in custody and the little band go to the truck that Galvan was going to escape in and find rats have chewed the wires so the vehicle is useless.

Marco calls Sonya for help. Frye and Adriana meet the section chief who wants to blame everything on Buckley claiming that he is under mental stress and working without her permission. Sonya comes to collect Ruiz and the rest of the group. She argues with Marco about who to go after next.

Buckley is murdered and it is made to look like a robbery. Sonya and Marco drop off Romina at a hospital and she stays with the wounded girl. Ruiz brings Galvan into the precinct to book him and Robles tries to take over but Marco tells him it is his collar and that he will do it. Robles then leaves. Marco sits in the cell with Fausto and tells the man he will spend the rest of his days “in a cage.”

Sebastian comes to see his daughter and Sonya tells the man that unless he tells her where Eleanor is he will not see Romina. Marco is congratulated by the prosecutor who offers him Robles’ position. Linder leaves the hospital to meet Ava and tells her of a dream he had of her and that she was “with child.”

Lt. Wade allows Frye and Adriana five minutes to cover the Buckley murder as he owes them “a favor.” Daniel shows concern for his partner and she tells him not to get all mushy. Nacht has Cesar drop her and her a father off in the countryside and tells him to leave them and be with his family just as she will be with hers.

Eleanor has her father on a dog collar and leash. She leads him up a hill and attaches him to a pipe with a long wire on it. The place she takes her dad is an oak tree on a hill where he first molested her. She talks of the acorns digging into her back and how much it hurt. She frees his hands and begins to taunt him asking him to touch her. As he lunges repeatedly to attack her, the pipe breaks and her father starts choking her. Sonya shows up and when the man does not stop she shoots him.

At the end of The Bridge, Marco shows up and offers to take care of Eleanor for Sonya as well as taking care of her dead father. Cross seems to agree and the camera moves up and out through the branches of the oak tree. The final shot is of the countryside, roads and presumably the bridge where the first season began.

Jubilex, the season finale of The Bridge, ties up everything neatly with the exception of Captain Robles who actually escapes without being caught. The second season, apparently had difficulty in keeping viewers which means The Bridge may not come back for a third season which will be a shame. The acting, storylines and setting made this a mesmerizing watch with great writing complimenting all the other things the series had going for it. Hopefully FX will bring the show back for at least one more run.

By Michael Smith