The Hunger Games Explosive Trailer Released [Video]

The Hunger Games

An explosive trailer for The Hunger Games has now been released. There are moments that were in previous trailers, but this one has many more sneak peeks into the movie. It is time for fans to get excited.

The third movie is released in movie theaters on November 24. Fans will get to see the first part of the final book instalment, Mockingjay. It is time for Katniss Everdeen to lead the people of District 13 to a full rebellion.

The Hunger Games’ newest trailer starts with Pultarch Heavensbee, President Coin and Beetee discussing whether Katniss is ready. She is the figurehead of the rebellion thanks to her battle against The Games in the first movie/book. While Coin does not think she is ready, Heavensbee makes it clear that she is all that the people have.

What does not help is that Peeta Mallark has been taken by the Capitol, and he is being used for their agenda. During the trailer, fans get the first glimpse of his tearful warning to Katniss. He is being pulled away from the camera as he tells her that an attack is imminent. During the book, that is the part that Katniss makes it clear that everyone needs to get underground, and manages to do it just in time.

The new explosive trailer for The Hunger Games also has a glimpse at the destroyed District 12. In the book, it was destroyed between saving Katniss and her waking up in District 13. She just hears about everything that happened, and how best friend Gale helped to save her family and other members of the District. She is allowed to visit again, and now the destruction will be put on the big screen. There is hope that there will be flashbacks of Gale saving Katniss’ and his own families.

There are also a lot more explosions and fight scenes. The producers have not indicated where the movie will stop in the book. Some believe that it will be when Peeta gets to District 13, just as he attacks Katniss. Others believe that it could be just before the fight scene within the Capitol. There are many great stopping points in the book, depending on how the disappointing lack of battle will be handled, presumably during the second instalment of the final The Hunger Games franchise.

Over the last few months, fans of the franchise have been teased with various trailers. It all started with propaganda poster on both sides of the civil war. That then moved onto a video from the Capitol, with President Snow reminding the people that they survive because of the Capitol. That is something he reminds Katniss in the new explosive trailer.

Katniss is seen passing a message onto Snow. With conviction, she tells him that if they burn, then he will burn too. It is clear that everyone needs each other in Panem.

The trailers have certainly made many fans excited. There is hope that the movie will have the same impact and positive response that the first two movies had. The new explosive The Hunger Games trailer reignites that hope.

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