The Legend of Korra Final Season Begins October 3 [Video]

Legend of Korra Final season starts October 3

The fourth season of The Legend of Korra will indeed be the last. The first episode from book four (Balance) will not air on television but go straight to the net, namely the Nickelodeon website which has been streaming the series since it was removed from television. The first episode, After All These Years, will be revealed this Friday, October 3, and subsequently followed by each new episode appearing on a weekly basis. This article may contain small spoilers. That being said, here is the trailer for book four.

To the surprise of many, book four picks up three years after the end of book three. Korra has gone through a lot and her decisions have greatly impacted Republic City. She has yet to return to Republic City, but the city has grown without her. To be expected since the spirit world has became intermingled with it. A perfect example of the two sitting in harmony would be the spirit wilds. For those unafraid of a little preview, here is a small two-minute clip from the first episode, After All These Years.

Each season (book) has a lot going on, but ultimately has a focal point. Book one, Air, introduces Korra and highlights her need to learn how to air bend, as it is the last element she requires. Book two, Spirits, surprisingly did not deal with bending as much as it did the spirit world and the crisis going on pertaining to it. Book three, Change, featured a group of expert benders looking end the cycle of the Avatar and distinctly change the world with the destruction of separate nations. Finally, there is book four, Balance, which seems to be leading up to a conflict with the earth kingdoms soon-to-be-king. It is also noted to have a total of 13 episodes.

It does seem peculiar that Netflix has not picked the show up for themselves. Not only has Netflix been creating their own original shows, but also continuing shows that would have likely stopped otherwise. That being said, Nickelodeon could have approached Netflix about putting the first three seasons up, after all, they did determine that Korra was more suited for an online audience over standard television. Maybe a deal will strike between the two after the fourth book has finished, that way Netflix could put the entire series up at once.

For the serious Korra fans, two games are currently in development. The first is The Legend of Korra: A New Era which is a turn-based RPG for the 3DS. The other is simply titled, The Legend of Korra and is a downloadable action game being developed by Platinum Games. Here is a look into the game so far.

Surpassing Avatar: The Last Airbender in number of seasons, Tbe Legend of Korra approaches its fourth and final season. October 3 marks the beginning of the end, are Korra fans ready? Many details surrounding book four remain a mystery, luckily October 3 is awfully close.

By Garrett Jutte
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