The Real Reason Snoop Dogg Attacked Iggy Azalea [Video]



It looks like all is well again in the world of Hip Hop between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea. Last week social media virtually exploded when the “Doggy Style” rapper posted a picture of an albino black woman with blond braids with a title that said “Iggy Azalea No Make-up” Needless to say that did not go over well with the young Miss Azalea. Although Snoop dogg has since apologized and ended the escalating beef, many are still wondering why he attacked Iggy Azalea in the first place.

After the initial diss by Snoop, Azalea took to social media and blasted back, questioning why the rapper who had been nice to her on other occasions was now being so mean. Once that happened, Snoop took the gloves off and went all the way in on poor Iggy. He took offense at the fact that she took issue with his “joke” and went on to apply the instagram smack-down heard around the world.Azalea

The Beautiful rapper responded to Iggy’s retort with a photo-shopped screenshot from the Wayans’ brother’s “White Chicks” movie, with an insert of Iggy as being featured in the sequel. Iggy’s uncanny resemblance to the Wayans depiction of two white girls was eerie in an “oh my” kind of way. The rapper continued his assault with a video threat to “put the rapper in check if her man wouldn’t.” Of course there was also a lot of expletives and unsavory language that can’t be repeated here, just suffice it to say it was quite salty.

Before the beef was squashed however, Snoop went on a popular radio show and was asked by the host what was behind all the drama. Snoop being his usual blunt self (no pun intended) explained that it started off as a joke and that Iggy should have taken it as such and kept it moving. His problem was that he felt she should have considered it as a playful slap from a daddy lion to his cub. Snoop, who also goes by the names Snoop Lion and The Godfather, feels that he is an elder in the rap game and that he is above being taken to task for his jabs and jokes.

Basically, what he didn’t want to say on the radio show (probably because it would have been rife with explicit profanities) was this, “Hey new booty, don’t ever, ever ever, come for the King unless I send for you!” and poor Iggy must have certainly felt summoned. So the real reason Snoop Dogg attacked Iggy Azalea is because he felt disrespected by an underling.

As some may know, the rap game can be extremely territorial and those who have come before tend to demand a certain level of reverence and respect. Rap is already a very male dominated field and it has been difficult for women to break through some of those barriers. Azalea is no different in that regard, but luckily for her she was taken under the wing of the already well established artist T.I.Azalea

The fact that she is a white Australian woman coming into the rap game, makes it all the more astounding that she has become so popular so quickly. Snoop may have even felt the way many blacks do about whites infiltrating this particular genre of music. There is an ongoing debate about what entails “real” hip-hop and what is just black appropriation perpetrated by non blacks in the music industry.

Snoop eventually spoke to T.I. and squashed the whole beef. The two rap stars are allegedly good friends and neither of them wanted the nastiness to continue, because as most people know, things can get ugly quickly in the world of rap. Aside from disrespect being the reason behind Snoop Dogg’s attack on Iggy Azalea, there are those who feel it was just a publicity stunt as both artist have projects in the works. It seems to be a common practice in entertainment to stir up false drama in an effort to snag attention.

Whether or not this was one of those situations will be hard to determine as both Iggy and Snoop have mutually agreed to move on. So it appears there will not be a round two as the first round was bloody enough, with Iggy taking most of the shots and Snoop being the bully. Not a good look for either of them. They both would do well to just continue making music and keep it classy. Hopefully that will be the case.

By Mai Nowlin


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