The Vampire Diaries Caroline Finally Confesses Her Feelings for Stefan

The Vampire Diaries

Caroline finally confessed her feelings for Stefan on The Vampire Diaries. It came right at the end, when Elena plucked up the courage to ask, and was a scene that many fans have been waiting for on the show. The question is whether the two will actually get together.

There are mixed reactions from fans. While some would like to see the two vampires start a relationship, there are many others who would like to see something different. With Elena forgetting about her love for Damon, there are currently many people who want to see Elena and Stefan get back together. At the same time, a number of fans would like to see Caroline leave The Vampire Diaries and join Klaus in The Originals.

So far, none of the options seem likely. More importantly, Caroline used the past tense when talking to Elena. She said she maybe “did” have feelings for him. That suggests that she is moving on and realizes that a relationship with the younger Salvatore brother is not possible.

It has been a difficult few months for Caroline. She was left to pick up the pieces after the death of Damon and Bonnie. Elena was avoiding the fact that they were gone, and Stefan had gone missing. Tyler was back to being human, and Matt was back in Mystic Falls with Jeremy. She had nobody to turn to and all she wanted was everyone back. She wants Stefan to stay.

At the end of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline finally confessed her feelings for Stefan to Elena. She also asked Stefan to stay, and not just to hunt down Enzo. She wanted him to stay for her. However, he walked off, breaking her heart.

Guardian Liberty Voice previously reported that the two will not likely get together, and that certainly seems to be the way things will go. While Caroline wants to take it further, Stefan does not. Right now, he will be closed off from love after Enzo killed the girlfriend of two months, Ivy. However, he is likely to move on soon, especially if everyone finds a way to bring Bonnie and Damon back from the dead.

Some of The Vampire Diaries fans were certainly happy at the idea of the blonde-haired vampire not being with Stefan. Not only does it keep the door open for a relationship with Klaus, but it also means she could get a storyline that does not involve love interests. Since the start of the show, she has gone from one love interest to another, rather than having a meaty storyline.

Last season seemed to offer her more with the platonic relationship with Stefan. However, it all seemed ruined when she started growing loving feelings for him. It has left some fans disappointed at the idea that a man and woman cannot just be friends, especially these two characters.

The show is only on episode three of its new season, and the story arc is only just developing. There is still time for the two to possibly get together, but at least Elena has now heard Caroline confess her feelings for Stefan on The Vampire Diaries.

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