The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 3: Welcome to Paradise [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

Episode three of The Vampire Diaries season six, Welcome to Paradise, gave viewers the first chance to really see Elena without missing Damon. It was also the first chance to see how other characters reacted to the news, especially little brother Jeremy. Not just that, but Stefan was out for blood; Enzo’s blood after last week’s thrilling twist.

Elena and Stefan finally get the reunion that many fans will have been waiting for. Is this the chance for Stelena fans to get the outcome that they desire? Many have wanted to see them back together since Elena made the “wrong decision” at the end of season four. However, so far things seem to be just friendly between them, and the only reason Stefan agrees to attend the swimming party is because Enzo will be there.

All Elena wants when it comes to this party is for some normal teenage fun. Jello shots are part of that, and she brings along friend Liam to introduce to Caroline. The rest of The Vampire Diaries gang is not really interested. Jeremy is moving on in the best way for him—by making out with more girls—and Tyler is struggling to control his anger issues now that he is human again.

Welcome to Paradise, the third episode of season six, also gave The Vampire Diaries fans more news about where Bonnie and Damon are. They are stuck in some sort of hell, according to the two of them. They realized at the end of the last episode that someone else was with them, but who exactly could that be and what plans does this someone have?

That someone is Kai, and he really wants Damon dead. Damon is not sure why, and there does not seem to be any inclination that he remembers this guy. However, Bonnie turns up to save the day. Despite not really liking Damon, she knows that her best friend loves him—well, Elena did before Alaric helped her forget all about her love for him.

Sarah is turning into an interesting character for The Vampire Diaries. She remembers everything about Elena, since magic is not allowed in Mystic Falls. That means that compulsion does not work. Yet, she continues to play dumb over the fact that vampires exist. Is she going to turn out to be a bad guy? Her dad is missing, and she may believe that vampires have something to do with this.

Finally, The Vampire Dairies seemingly new bad guy is back. Tripp, who has been revealed as one of the founding families, is back and teaming up with Stefan to get rid of Enzo. Tripp likely knows that Stefan is a vampire. He will know all about the history of the town, and was surely part of the council at some point. If not part of the council, he has spent time learning all about the last few years. Just how long will it take for him to turn against Stefan and attempt to kill him?

While some of the questions have been answered, there are still certainly many more arising. Episode three, Welcome to Paradise, has certainly added something more for viewers to get excited about for season six of The Vampire Diaries.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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