The Voice Season 8 Will See Christina Aguilera Return

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Christina Aguilera is going to make a return to season eight of The Voice. The show made an announcement on its official Twitter page to share the Twitter handles of all four coaches. Gwen Stefani will take a break, after two seasons on the panel.

The Genie in a Bottle singer has had the last two seasons off while welcoming her new baby girl and settling down as part of a family. However, she always said that she would likely return to The Voice. Aguilera enjoys coaching others and finding new talent out there.

There are now rumors that the decision for Aguilera to return has caused tension. Stefani reportedly wanted to stay, and is a little upset that she is being replaced. However, it is likely that she already knew that she was a temporary replacement; really like maternity cover in the regular workplace. It was never going to last, and she has her own career to focus on.

Some publications, like Page Six, are reporting that there is now tension on the set. Stefani gelled very well with the other coaches, especially the two that have been there from the beginning, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. A change of coaches regularly brings rumors of drama happening behind the scenes, and most of the time there is nothing really happening. The plans are usually mutual decisions as the celebrities choose to move on or were only contracted for a short space of time.

This is not the first time that Aguilera has returned to The Voice, and returning for season eight should not be a shock. The What a Girl Wants singer has regularly taken a season off to focus on her own career and her family life. Cee Lo Green did the same thing on a number of occasions. However, he made the decision last year to leave the show for good. Green has been replaced by Pharrell Williams for the foreseeable future.

Aguilera announced at the start of the year that she was expecting her second child, her first with fiancé Matt Rutler. In August, the two welcomed their baby girl, and have been focusing on family life since. They are also planning their wedding.

Williams has become the first replacement coach to become a more permanent fixture on the show. He is also the first replacement to do consecutive seasons. Stefani joined the team for season seven, but Latin American singer Shakira was on the panel for season six. She was the original replacement coach for the seasons that Aguilera was not on The Voice. Many Williams fans will be excited and proud that he has managed to be the first at something on the show.

For Stefani fans, there is always the chance of her coming back at a later date. The producers have confirmed that the No Doubt singer is welcome back on the show. She may become the regular replacement for Aguilera when she cannot make the show. However, for season eight, Stefani is getting a year off and Aguilera is back on The Voice.

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