The Walking Dead Gets Sixth Season Days Before Fifth Season Premiere Airs

The Walking Dead

With the premiere of the fifth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead just days away, on Sunday, October 12, AMC has announced that the series will be back for a sixth season. That is great news for fans of The Walking Dead, who are eagerly anticipating the season five premiere.

According to AMC president Charlie Collier, everybody at the network is “excited” for the premiere of season five to air so that AMC can “share new episodes of The Walking Dead with fans around the globe.” Collier then thanked “the entire team” associated with bringing The Walking Dead to TV, including Scott M.Gimple and Robert Kirkman, who will also be heavily involved with the sixth season.

The Walking Dead remains one of the most popular cable TV series and has the distinction, according to Variety, of being “the highest-rated show in cable history.” It is the number one most watched TV program in the demo of adults who are 18-49, according to the same article.

AMC is hoping to strike ratings gold again with a spin-off or “companion series.” The same people behind The Walking Dead have already started working on the pilot, an as-yet-unnamed series about survivors of the “Zombie Apocalypse” elsewhere in the United States and how they deal with the same sorts of problems and issues that confront the survivors in The Walking Dead. This news was previously reported on both here and by numerous other sources.

There has been a lot of speculation about what the premiere of season five of The Walking Dead will be like. It will still be about Terminus, the place where many of the survivors hoped that they would find peace and sanctuary. Instead, Terminus appears to be a place where the cannibalistic people who run it make a lot of promises to lure unsuspecting people to it, where they then become prey and food for the inhabitants.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly radio, Robert Kirkman promised that the premiere of season five of The Walking Dead will answer a lot of questions fans have had about what sort of place Terminus is and the people who run it. He said that the premiere will “give a ton of answers” to fans about the subject. The people of Terminus, apparently, will have a major impact on the entire season, as in the same interview, as reported by Fashion Times, Kirkman stated that by the end of the premiere fans will have a better idea about “why they’re so important to the show.”

The premiere of season five of The Walking Dead will be on AMC Sunday, October 12, at 9:00 p.m. Executives at AMC are confident the series will continue to be a success, or they would never have decided already that there will be a sixth season of the series made, not to mention the companion series that is being produced.

Besides the news of AMC announcing that there will be a sixth season of the hugely popular series, The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman also stated in the Entertainment Weekly radio interview that even more of the main characters will be killed off, though he did not reveal details of who they would be. Season five looks already like it just might be the best season yet! Sunday is rapidly approaching. Be sure to tune in to AMC to catch the premiere of season five!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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