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Top Horror Movies to Watch This Month on Netflix



Halloween is just a few weeks away, and already monsters and magic are becoming a part of daily life. For all the Netflix fans out there, here is a list of the best horror movies currently streaming for those chilly fall nights.

Cabin in The Woods – This Joss Whedon film came out in 2012, offering subtle humor to the dark and twisted concept. Like many horror movies before it, it starts with five college students enjoying a nice get away in a creepy and isolated cabin. As events begin to unfold, and the dead begin rising from their graves, the group soon discovers that someone sits behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Silence of the Lambs – A psychological twister following a young FBI agent on the hunt for a murderer who skins his victims. She must conference with a locked away serial killer, and psychologist, by the infamous name of Hannibal Lector. Proving both dangerous and helpful, he helps Claurice hunt for the killer before his claims his next victim.

Nosferatu – Deriving from the word “vampire” in French, Nosferatu has gone down in history as the first Dracula film – and quite possible the best-known vampire film internationally. Made in 1929, one can expect early cinema quality, but F.W. Marnau’s groundbreaking and unauthorized adaptation to the famous Bram Stroker novel remains a cult classic and available on Netflix to this day.

Carrie – The original 1976 Carrie is based off Steven King’s first novel, and tells the tale of a young witch in high school dealing with changes, bullies, and her ever growing powers. When pressures mount, she goes into a teen rampage like no other. The film received a remake in 2013 with Chloë Grace Moretz, which is also on Netflix.

American Psycho – The film by Mary Harron is a twisted tale of what lies inside the mind of a disturbed Wall Street banker. Christian Bale plays a fleeting psychopath, uncontrollably lost in murderous fantasies and misplacing reality.

Night of the Living Dead – Critics acclaim that Night of the Living Dead was the first well-done zombie movie of its kind. When a brother a sister drive into the countryside to visit their fathers grave, they find themselves surrounded by the living dead and must take refuge in a farmhouse with strangers. George Romero shot the low budget film in 1968, and with a well-written script and a great cast, made an ominous monster film that creeps out audiences to this day.

Rosemary’s Baby – Another classic from the horror pioneering 1960s, Rosemary’s Baby follows a young and pregnant mother who unwillingly becomes the subject of a cult, and the surrogate of the son of Satan. This is not a particularly gory film, but a slow crawling thriller starring Golden Globe winner Mia Farrow.

V/H/S – This film is a highly graphic POV film about a group of misfits who are sent to burglarize a desolate house to search for a VHS tape. What they find is a body amongst endless disturbing videos. The second film is also available on Netflix’s watch instantly.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn – The second installment in the Sam Raimi zombie series. Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, continues battling the undead – saving the world from a destructive demon. The first and third movie are available on DVD through Netflix as well.

By Morgan Louchen