Twin Peaks to Make a Return on Showtime

Twin Peaks

After years of wondering, messages of denial, and simultaneous tweets from both original creators, Twin Peaks has been announced to officially continue in 2016. Both Mark Frost and David Lynch will return to oversee the continuation. Was a season three bound to happen? Was the pull of the forest always too great?

This third season is planned to have nine episodes with production beginning in 2015. The first episode is suspected to arrive early in 2016. The show will be airing not with the help of ABC, like in the early ninety’s, but with Showtime, who has come to the rescue. It is still unknown if this continuation will last for a single season or more than that, but Frost has said that if the decision is made to make more and there is room for more, it could go that way.

A quiet new beginning for some, Twin Peaks has now reached a new generation through Netflix (for those that receive dvds) and blu-ray. In order to get new and old fans excited, Showtime will be rerunning both original seasons as the date gets closer to the release of Twin Peaks season 3.

Just last year Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David Lynch, made a facebook attempting to put to death the rumors of a Twin Peaks continuation. She very firmly stated, “THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.”

Mark Frost and David Lynch coordinated quite smoothly on the twitter reveal of Twin Peaks returning. Both tweets came out within the same minute with the same message that fans would understand, fun hashtag included. Care to answer that phone?
Twin Peaks Tweet

Frost claims that the 25 year gap will play a big role and how could it not? On the second episode if the first season Agent Coopeer (Kyle MacLachlan) experiences a dream that takes place 25 years in the future. After all, the show does lean heavily on the sense of dreams and premonitions carrying importance.

Gary Levine was the executive vice president of original programming at ABC when the show originally began. Now, Levine is the president of Showtime, making it a comfortable home for Twin Peaks. Luckily, Lynch and Frost have retained the rights to Twin Peaks after all these years.

“I’ve always said I love a continuing story, to love a world and be able to go deeper and deeper into that world,”

As an early ninety’s cult classic, Twin Peaks has changed the way many audience members and directors view story telling and narrative as a means of communication. The dramatic delivery and mysterious aura continue to make it a show of legendary status. Having both original creators reunite to continue something so precious after so many years is certainly a song of surprise many never expected.

Frost is aware what this continuation could mean to fans and he is more than happy to serve them something they feel so strongly about. “We’ve been lucky enough to have one of the coolest, most intelligent, most inquisitive group of people attracted to our show.” Fans, prepare to be pulled back into the special world of Twin Peaks.

By Garrett Jutte
Hollywood Reporter