University of Virginia Student Remains May Have Been Found

University of Virginia

In the last couple of months news has been circling about the missing University of Virginia student, Hannah Graham. Now, after police had continued combing the area, remains of a body have been found. The remains found on Saturday are believed to be those of Hannah Graham.

Just two weeks ago parents of the University of Virginia student were seen across the news as they pleaded for information on the whereabouts of their missing daughter. Now the parents who sought closure, may get just that, as a search in the area has turned up a body, who police are now saying may, in fact, be those of the missing student. During a press conference police said that the investigation that was for the missing student, is believed to now be a sad investigation into her murder.

The remains were taken to the medical examiner’s office in Richmond in order to solidify the fact that the remains are, indeed, Hannah’s. Police found the body by Old Lynchburg Road during their continuing search, this past weekend. Hannah Graham has been missing since Sept, 13, 2014. The University of Virginia student was said to have gone to a party with friends though she was later seen at a bar with the suspect in her disappearance, though sources now say she was last seen at the Downtown Mall. Exactly what happened that night is unclear, especially as the surveillance now states that Graham was seen at a restaurant with friends, attended two different parties, left by foot, texted a friend that she was lost, and then ended up in the strip mall area where she may have met the suspect, as he worked sometimes as a taxi drier. Police had been previously searching large areas of land and property, but the remains were found just 11 miles from the Downtown Mall.University of Virginia

The suspect, Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., was picked up in the state of Texas and taken back to Virginia. He was then charged with Hannah’s “abduction with intent to defile” but if the remains are indeed Hannah’s the police say he will be charged with her murder. Matthew was also previously linked to another missing University of Virginia student’s murder, Morgan Harrington, though charges have not yet been officially filed. It is said that Harrington was leaving a Metallica concert when she was seen hitchhiking. Police say Matthew was driving his cab on that night in 2009, and may have picked up Harrington before her remains were found on a farm several months later.

His court date for the previous charges of abduction of Hannah is set for Dec. 4. Authorities are still asking for anyone with information to come forward. They said that they will not jump to conclusions about whether the remains that were found are the missing University of Virginia student’s. They are still seeking anyone who can help them clarify what happened, as they state that they still have a large amount of work ahead of them. Police will be working to tie the current suspect, Matthew, to both Graham’s and Harrington’s murders.

Thousands of volunteers have been searching the area over the last couple of months, in hopes of finding the missing University of Virginia student. Now the search may have come to an end as police believe that the remains found belong to Hannah Graham. Residents are still hoping that Hannah Graham is alive and well somewhere but police are preparing for the possible handling of a murder case.

By Crystal Boulware


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