Utah Mom Accused of Helping Son, 17, in Drive-By Shooting for Gang


A mother in Utah has been charged with picking up her son from his high school and driving him by a store so that he fire shots at a rival gang with which he had fought. This is the second time the Utah mom has been accused of helping her son, 17, attack other people.

According to prosecutors, Lisa Egersdorf, 35, went to her son’s school, Granite Connection High, in Salt Lake City on Sept. 22 to pick him up. Police report that when she arrived at the school, her son and some of his friends got into Egersdorf’s car. Her son yelled, “Mom, they just jumped me,” after which Egersdorf replied, “It’s all right, we’re going to get them.” She then drove her son by a convenience store where he fired a number of shots at the rival group.

Documents filed in the case say that Egersdorf asked her son, “Did you get them?” after he had fired the shots. Nobody was injured in the incident, although one woman who had made a stop at the 7-Eleven reported that her car had been hit. The convenience store is located in a middle-class neighborhood of Utah.

Egersdorf admitted to investigators that both she and her son belong to the same gang. Although she confessed to police that she had driven her son to the store, she said the shots did not come from her car.

Because the son has a prior record and is older than 16, he is being charged as an adult. He is not being identified because he is a minor. He has been charged with committing 10 felonies, including six counts of shooting a gun and aggravated assault. Egersdorf has also been charged with 10 felonies in addition to three misdemeanor reckless endangerment counts. She is a repeat offender with a long list of convictions on her record, some of which result from an earlier incident where she drove her son to a location so that he could carry out another attack.

In May of 2012, police in Murray, Utah, arrested her and her son after the teen used a baseball bat to smash the car of a man with whom he had been fighting over a woman.  Police records indicate that at approximately 3:30 a.m., Egersdorf drove her son and some of his friends to an apartment building on Regal Street, where the son began to bash in the man’s car windows with the bat. Family members of the man came out of their apartment to confront the teenager, at which point he used the baseball bat to attack the group. One victim was transported to the hospital. The car suffered so much damage that it was undrivable.

Officers located the teen and two adult men, all unharmed, in a residence in Murray, Utah.  He was questioned and then arrested for criminal mischief and aggravated assault.  With assistance from the victim’s family, who were familiar with Egersdorf due to previous incidents with her, she was located and charged with criminal mischief, riot and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Utah court records do not indicate an attorney on record for either Egersdorf or her son for the most recent case. Although she was given the opportunity to plead to lesser offenses in the case involving the baseball bat, her prior criminal record may influence the judge into refusing to accept a plea deal for the drive-by shooting charges.

By Jennifer Pfalz

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