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Crossovers are a popular move by large companies that mesh two or more of their best products into one world within medias like TV and movies, but has now been more prevalent in video games as of late. Audiences will know of famous crossovers, such as Alien meeting Predator and The Simpsons making an appearance on Family Guy, but some of the most interesting an unexpected combinations happen within the world of video games.

The recently released Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Wii U is a prime example of the aforementioned fact. The game was produced by Omega Force, which has been known for its Dynasty Warriors series of action-fighting games. Hyrule Warriors features similar gameplay techniques and includes a few key characters from the Dynasty universe, but the new game is heavily inspired by the long-time successful Legend of Zelda series of video games.

The likes of the iconic green tunic belonging to the fan favorite character Link will be present as the hero remains a playable primary character in the game. The princess of Hyrule, whose name is dedicated to the former series’ title, Zelda, will also be available as a playable character. Zelda’s alternate identity, Sheik, will make an appearance as well as one of the Zelda series’ most infamous villains, Ganondorf.

Another long-running successful video game series is that of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts. When first introduced back in 2002, the game sounded like a nightmarish flop when the company expressed the crossover they were creating. The game meshes characters from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series with some of the most beloved faces from the world of Disney. When audiences learned they were going to be seeing the gigantic sword and spiked hair of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII next to the likes of Donald Duck, they seemed skeptical. Others anticipated an epic collaboration and they were, in fact, right on the money.

Kingdom Hearts is known as one of the most famous video games to date with seven titles and an HD remastered title currently released with a second HD remaster dropping this winter. The game features an original storyline that draws in hints of the stories previously known by followers of Final Fantasy and Disney, alike. Each Kingdom Hearts title continues to bring familiar faces in, but somehow manages to have players experience them anew all over again.

A second Disney title that follows suit with crossover gaming is that of the additionally successful Disney Infinity series. Disney Infinity is a toy and video game hybrid as players take physical action figures of Disney characters from a great number of the company’s films and place them on a base to play as that figure in the game. The title has just added Marvel super heroes to the roster of available figures, furthering the immense amount of crossover gaming the title provides.

With the crossover feature occurring in a number of video games across the board, one will be curious to see which two iconic brands will mesh together next. The imagination can run wild with the endless possibilities present on the matter, only time will tell of the next ingenious mixing of creations.

By Cody Collier


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