Video Games With Moral-Based Gameplay

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As technology has improved within the world of video games, so has the actual gameplay and story lines of the titles, some more notable ones including a moral-based style of gaming. The trend of these types of games where the player’s actions within the game actually determine the outcome of the story has become very popular as of late.

A game that may have had a great responsibility in this type of gameplay is that of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for the original Xbox. This title allowed players full customization of a character, letting them choose their main avatar’s gender, look, experience class, wardrobe weapons and more. The long-time famous themes of falling to the dark side of the force and staying true to the light side are very prevalent within this title.

Knights of the Old Republic gave players the opportunity to choose what their character’s dialogue was. Certain choices would lean towards hatred and cynicism, leading the character down the path of the dark side. Other decisions that reflected helpful and kind demeanors would allow players to fulfill themselves in the light side of the force and be recognized as a hero.

Another title that includes the moral-based themes is that of the fantastical Fable series. This saga derived from the original Xbox as well and has remained relevant in later models of the console. Fable features the same type of gameplay choices as the aforementioned Star Wars title, but the content of these particular video games is considered far more adult than the LucasArts title.

The Fable saga is known for its gritty and gruesome and slightly British style of humor. The video games are also notably violent and surprisingly sensual. Known as one of the first major console games to accept same-sex marriage and sexual relations, Fable garnered a large amount of attention for the social affect the character’s avatar would have in the game. Not only would dialogue choices affect the outcome of the game, but full-on actions such as eating like a glutton, sleeping with prostitutes and stealing from the market would affect the character’s purity and gradually create an evil demeanor about the avatar.

In both the Fable and Knights of the Old Republic series, not only was the storyline affected by the player’s decisions, but the appearance of the main character would actually transform as well. Kindhearted actions would result in a picturesque and traditionally beautiful character while notions derived from more evil intentions would result in a dark and more haggard appearance. The Fable series even allowed characters to sprout horns if one reached such a level of corruptness.

The trend has continued into modern gameplay as well. The recently released Lord of the Rings spinoff, entitled Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor has similar features, allowing players to completely shape the outline of the game by either killing or befriending certain enemies. New mobile games such as Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood iPhone and iPad application include decision-based gameplay as well. Players will create their own avatar in Kardashian’s game and pave their very own path through the Hollywood world that will remain completely partial to each user.

With the increasing trend in video games with moral-based gameplay, one must anticipate the further inclusion of more in-depth stories within the gaming community. All of the aforementioned video games are now available for purchase wherever video games are sold.

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