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The title of the video itself, Why I Think This World Should End, will spark curiosity and the powerful message behind it has gone viral with over one million views. It is refreshing to see a young man this passionate and this aware of the state of the world today. With insights into the ecologic changes going on, from pollution to animal extinction, it is a message that will get the viewer thinking and hopefully feel empowered to do something about the issues at hand.

Comments on the video range from praise to rage, with statements that point to this being a “15 minutes of fame” thing, to pessimism that a song can change anything. Many believe that people will watch, agree and then go back to doing the same things that they always do, thus continuing to contribute to the problems of the world. The maker of this viral video hopes that it will inspire change and hope for the future.

Richard Williams, who is best known by his rap name, Prince ea, is a musician, rapper and activist, and with song titles like the video featured here and Can We Auto-Correct Humanity, he has set his sights on young adults. His target audience is those that have a chance to change things, and make them better. They are the world’s future leaders and the time is now to mold them and instill values and morals if there is a chance to turn negatives into positives.

Some of the lyrics of this viral video will incite some to action, while still others will scoff. One such lyric is “Intelligence is shunned” and continues with “ignorance rewarded” which can be interpreted in several ways. Other lyrics ring true whether one is a fan or not, like the line “What’s popular is more important than what is right”. This alludes to bullying and how so few are willing to step in or speak up for fear of being bullied themselves.

So many things are touched on that it will take a viewer at least two times to catch all the references, from GMOs in our food to race and religion. His viral video about auto-correcting humanity was so powerful, it was viewed over 70 million times and earned him a spot on the Queen Latifah Show. He preaches that truth and words can either hurt or help humanity, and seems to practice what he preaches. This has earned him a very loyal following and over 10 million hits on his YouTube videos.

Prince ea is just 26-years-old and hails from St. Louis, Missouri, and his website is much like many in his industry. His music, however, is unlike most that come from the Midwest, with lyrics that range from wit to humor, but always with a powerful message attached. His songs range from topics like bullying to the song featured here, which touches on almost every hot button issue today. For someone so young his music seems to be from someone twice his age, and the fact that they continue to go viral means someone is listening.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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