Woman Run Over by Car Leaves Husband as Suspect



On Sunday, Oct. 12, a woman was run over behind a Pizza Hut in Waldorf, Maryland. She was run down and then backed over several times before the driver left. According to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office the death was obviously no accident. Rather, they believe it was an intentional murder and the current suspect is the woman’s husband.

Sources say the woman was in a strip mall parking lot around eight in the evening, behind the Pizza Hut of the 3200 block of Crain Highway. It was at that moment that she was repeatedly ran over by the same car, according to witnesses. The woman, who has now been identified as 36-year-old Jennifer Lynn Weyhenmeyer, died immediately though her husband, who was seen with her in that area earlier that day, went home. Police believe that he went home after the incident, stating that the trail of evidence led them straight to him, as the couple had been seen having several arguments earlier that evening. They also said that his car was sitting in the driveway of their home with damage that matched the crime scene. Police were baffled as to what could have made the woman’s husband so angry that he would commit such a violent crime as running over his wife repeatedly.

The residents of the area were also baffled. They were shocked to learn, as many usually are after a murder, that anyone in their area could have committed such a crime. “I’m surprised and shocked. That’s alarming,” is what one person told police after they asked him about the crime. Neighbors have said that the couple, Jennifer and her husband, did not live there long. According to the neighbors there had never been any trouble or any clue of domestic problems. Though many family and friends showed up at the home after the incident, they had nothing to say, according to officials, giving no history of the couple and no opinions over what happened between them.

Because of the lack of information police have no idea if the crime was spontaneous or premeditated, however, they are working to gather as much information on the couple as possible. The witnesses at the shopping center during the time of the crime have been the best help in solving the case but for now the woman’s husband has been accused in the case. Police say that he is currently the prime suspect and that he will be charged. After finding the husband at his home, after the incident, police took him to the hospital for an evaluation, though they still have not released information to the public as to why they did this.

The police are still searching for more evidence and are asking any witnesses to come forth with information. Currently Detective C. Shankster, of Waldorf, is investigating the homicide. According to residents in the area, this crime has shaken many people, though with the husband being the prime suspect of his wife’s murder, they also believe it is unlikely that there is danger of this happening to another resident. As residents get over the shock of the woman’s murder by car, they hope that the case will be closed soon.

By Crystal Boulware


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