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Nearly every woman around the globe who has passed the glorious doorway of puberty has, at one time or another, experienced the pangs of PMS or other discomforts associated with the crown of menses.  It seems to have been a mysterious key which has kept women away from the answers which would decode the reasons as to why so many suffer at the hands of their monthly cycle.  But what if such suffering did not have to occur? What if women all around the world could stop their painful and unwelcome menstrual symptoms through one simple method?

The resolution to one of the worlds biggest riddles may have already found its way into the clearing through the insightful means of total embrace. That’s right, embrace. What is meant by this?

It has long been taught through many schools of thought that “what you resist, persists” and this may hold even greater sway in the subject matter of women’s menstrual cycles and how to stop symptoms all together. There are many mentors who have taken to the stage and to print recently teaching the power of embracing ones femininity as the key to healing the discomforts of menstrual flow.  Joanne Ameya Cohen is one such teacher who has helped thousands of women by showing them how to embrace their cycles, express their inner light and step into living life as authentically as possible as the way out of the maze of menstrual pain and discomfort.

Since the dawn of the feminist movement, women have been fighting to thrive in a “man’s world” taking to the job-front with more vigor and stamina than maybe anyone believed possible.  Women have shown they can persist in the business realm, but perhaps at the price of suppressing one of their most natural expressions, the menstrual cycle.  One only need watch the ads that run on daytime television which teach women of every age how to “plug it” and go on with the demands of life.  Hardly ever do you see women being encouraged to take time for themselves during the monthly cycle and to understand what it means to be woman and BE what is inherently gifted.

Teachers like Joanne Ameya Cohen of Remembering The Ways of the Feminine acts as a coach and guide to women in their path of awakening to who they really are, and the results she is having are out of this world.  Women are finding, as she did, that they do not have to suffer monthly at the hands of their cycle and instead, can find relief by simply embracing the truth of who they really are.  There is an epidemic of menstrual cycle imbalances and from her experience Cohen states:

The majority of these health issues come from wounding to the feminine.  This means any time a woman was betrayed, said yes when she wanted to say no, had damage to her self-esteem, thought perfection was proof of her strength.  And this is truly most women, to varying degrees.  Unless these hurts or pains are addressed, they lodge into our tissues and psyches.  And the reproductive organs, the seat of our feminine, takes the brunt.  Ultimately, over years of unprocessed life experience, these hurts manifest in the physical body.

Cohen is not the only one out there teaching such a method of healing, Dr. Sara Gottfried M.D. has found similar success after treating herself for over a decade in SE Asia.  Gottfried teaches women all over the world how to embrace their cycles in order to find relief from painful monthly menstrual symptoms and how to stop feeling victimized by being a woman.

Whether you are suffering from PMS, bloating, headaches, cramps, cranky attitudes, swollen breasts or a heavy cycle, it could just be that somewhere inside is a lack of embrace of the true woman you really are.  According to Cohen, Gottfried and others, the only way to stop the pains of menstruation and walk through this life as an empowered woman is to embrace the true you lurking inside.  To find out more about these methods, visit the links below.

By Stasia Bliss


Sara Gottfried MD

Joanne Ameya Cohen

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