Wonder Woman Will Get Own Movie in 2017

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is getting her own movie, and it will hit theaters in 2017. This is one of 10 Superhero movies expected over the next few years, with Superman V. Batman being one of the first.

The great news for female superhero fans is that Wonder Woman will have her own individual movie. This is set after the Superman V. Batman movie, but neither of the male characters will show up. After this movie, though, there is expected to be a Justice League movie, which will feature all three of the superheroes.

Warner Bros. updated the release calendar this week with a range of movies expected. There are a number of Justice League of America characters expected, including Aquaman and The Flash. These two movies are both expected in 2018, and will feature Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller respectively. After that, Justice League 2 is expected the year after, and will likely feature all the different superheroes.

The likely idea is that D.C. Comics will battle against Marvel. Marvel started its Avengers series with its individual superhero movies. Iron Man was widely accepted, and that led to Captain America and Thor. The only one of the Avengers cast that struggled with his individual movie was Hulk, leading to an actor change for the Avengers movie.

The plan for the Justice League series was put on hold at one point. Green Lantern did not do as well as expected. However, Superman with Henry Cavill soared in the theaters. There is hope that Wonder Woman in her own movie in 2017 will do the same. A Green Lantern reboot is expected, which will hopefully do better off the back of the other widely anticipated movies.

Gal Gadot was announced as the actress for the famous female superhero back in July at Comic-Con. She will reprise the role for both her individual movie and in the Justice League movie expected in 2018. Her storyline has partially been shared. Warner Bros. will use the demigod origin, so she will be Zeus’ daughter.

Superheroes are not the only ones getting their own movies. Super villains are also in, and the Suicide Squad will come to theaters in 2016. The Lego Movie is also coming back. There are four movies planned, with the second one expected in 2018.

With all the news about the new Wonder Woman movie and movies for other members of the Justice League of America, many want to know about the standalone Batman movie. Ben Affleck has recently been named as the new Batman since Christian Bale has stepped down. Many want to see what he will be like in the role, considering his poor performance as the Red Devil. Superman V. Batman is the first chance people will see him as the iconic role, but it seems like the studio has little hope of him as the character. They have not yet ordered a new Batman movie.

There are a lot of questions surrounding the new superhero movies. Right now, though, comic fans may be happy to hear that Wonder Woman is definitely getting her own movie, and she is set to appear in 2017.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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