Actress Tasha Smith Says Husband Is Trying to Kill Her

Actress Tasha Smith Says Husband Is Trying to Kill Her

Actress Tasha Smith alleged her husband is trying to kill her and is capable of such in moments of rage. The Why Did I Get Married? star was hit with a restraining order from her husband Keith Douglas forcing her to stay away from him. Douglas claims Smith is the one who has threatened to kill him or have him killed. He said she often bursts into alcohol-fueled rages and warns him not to fall asleep.

Smith refutes every word of her husband by saying she is the one who needs to be afraid for her life. The 43-year-old actress said Douglas has jealous rages where he accuses her of sleeping with women and calls her a fu**ing d*ke. It is times like these, according to Smith, when he is most capable of killing her.

In the middle of a bitter divorce both are ironically left asking the question, “Why did I get married?” In the Tyler Perry movie bearing the same name, Tasha plays the role of a woman named Angela Williams who lives in constant chaos with her husband whose name in the movie is Marcus. The two bicker constantly and their discord bleeds over into the sequel, Why Did I Get Married Too?

The film, which ranked number one at the box office its opening weekend, is about the difficulties involved in maintaining a solid relationship in modern times. By the second weekend the movie only slipped to the second position in the box office charts and in total, the film domestically grossed over $55 million. Douglas seems to now suggest he married “Angela” instead of Tasha according to the allegations he is making about her behavior.

Douglas has a restraining order which mandates his wife stay two yards away when they are inside the home they share together. When they are outside of the home she must stay outside of 100 yards of her soon to be ex-husband. The judge did not want to make the For Better or Worse actress vacate the home before there is a full hearing.

A source close to Smith claims the booze allegations are ridiculous and the actress has no issues with alcohol abuse. That lifestyle has been relegated to her past. Smith and her twin sister Sidra were born to a 15-year-old single mother who spent much of the twins’ childhood addicted to drugs. By the young age of 14 Tasha was already hanging in bars, drinking Hennessy and smoking cigarettes, but was determined not to sell drugs or have multiple kids by different men.

While living in the hood with a drug addicted mother, Smith had a dream of leaving poverty-stricken Camden, New Jersey and heading to Hollywood one day. Somehow she knew she would eventually get there and become legit. Eventually her dream was realized and she escaped the city known for having one of the highest murder rates after some friends who had moved west sent her an airplane ticket. Success was not immediate once the actress exited the plane but she has now been is several movies and had roles in multiple television series and shows.

In December 2010, just one year after they began dating Smith married Douglas. At that time he was not only her boyfriend, but her manager. Now as they learn to navigate their nasty divorce Smith said she is so grateful about where she is in her life. From where she has come, every single day is a blessing. The actress admits she does get down from time to time because she is human but she tries not to focus there.

As the couple asks themselves the hard question, “Why did I get married?” they are staring in the face of permanent separation. Tasha Smith said she fears her husband could kill her, yet he swears by the contrary.  Currently, a restraining order keeps space between the two until the court decides what happens next.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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