Amanda Bynes Takes Rants Too Far?

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has ranted a lot on Twitter in the past, but she may have taken it all too far this time. The 28-year-old star has seemingly apologized for them this time. However, fans have a right to be worried about what she will do next. There is no telling considering her recent actions, and there may still be support for having her placed by under mental health care.

In her recent rants, she talked about how she wanted to slit her parents’ throats and wrists. According to, there are even two recordings of her thoughts. It may end up with the police involved if they believe that she is a harm to her parents. Considering her current mental state, nothing is certain.

It has not been an easy few years for Bynes. She has had numerous run-ins with the law, and often been seen saying weird statements in public, whether in interviews or on social media. One of the most recent was how her father abused her as a child. When she admitted to lying about that, she spoke about a microchip in her brain, which her father allegedly agreed to have implanted. That rant led to her most recent stint in a mental health institution, so she could get the help she needed. However, she was released early after proving to doctors that she no longer needed to be there.

Bynes may have taken her rants too far this time. She certainly seems a risk to her parents, and the doctors may have made a mistake last month allowing her release. While tweets can be deleted, the recordings are different.

One of the recordings was taped by a roommate. She tells her “friend” how she would love to murder her father, and make sure she is looking at him at the time. Shooting him would be a quick way that she would not opt for, so she would slit his throat instead. The She’s the Man actress has said that she has told her parents things like this too, and she would never act on her thoughts.

Bynes’ parents allowed the tapes to be released. They want the world to hear how mentally ill their daughter really is, and it seems to be a last ditch attempt to get her the help she needs. It could end up doing just that, but it could also work out worse for her. These types of threats are taken extremely seriously.

After the recordings were released, the star took to Twitter to “apologize.” Many fans, friends and family members are not sure how honest she is being in that apology. It could be just a side of her mental health issues. She has publicly apologized to her family, but said that she will think twice about the people she trusts. It seems more like the actions of someone who has realized her dangerous thoughts have been realized. She does seem hurt by people finding out information just to make money through the media, but Bynes’ rants may have gone too far this time.

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