Amanda Knox Hired as Freelance Reporter for Local Newspaper

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox, the convicted murderer of Meredith Kercher, has been hired by a local newspaper as a freelance reporter. It has raised the debate whether someone who has been convicted of a crime of such severity should be allowed to work in this type of position.

The creative writing graduate was in Italy when she committed the murder. In 2007, she was convicted of murdering her British roommate, along with ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. While she served four years in an Italian jail, she returned to the United States after a successful appeal. The Italian courts resumed after the fact, and found her guilty once more but she still remains in the United States until the Italians lodge an request for her transfer.

The Italian supreme court decided that she should serve 28 years, but Knox regularly states that she was innocent of the murder. She just wants to move on, and has done that by finding a new career. She took the position of a freelance reporter for a Seattle newspaper.

She originally started writing under a pseudonym, suggesting that she knew people would not want to read something written by her. However, after 10 pieces she switched to her real name for remaining articles in the West Seattle Herald. One of those written under her real name was a review of a Tom Stoppard play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

Editor of the local newspaper, Patrick Robinson, defends his decision of hiring Knox as a freelance reporter. He simply wanted the 27-year-old to have a chance at a normal life, and that she is “very capable” and “very bright.” According to Robinson, she has been “very easy to work with,” and all she wants is to write her stories. She started writing on October 17, but many are only just finding out about the decision now.

This is not the first time she has been paid for her writing. In 2012, Knox signed a book deal with Harper Collins for $4 million. The book will tell her side of the story.

She did not get the newspaper job due to her name or controversial fame. If that was the case, the first 10 stories would not have been written under a false name. The editor went through all the usual questions and checks to make sure her writing was at a standard expected for the newspaper. There are no concerns for Robinson that the Italian courts are working on having the convicted murderer extradited.

There were many claims that the Italian police failed to handle the original case properly. Kercher was found with her throat slit, and suspicions instantly fell on Knox and Sollecito. The two have continued to maintain their innocence, despite the Italian courts finding the opposite. While she remains in the United States, the Italian courts have stated that they will review the case next year, and there may be a request to extradite her.

For now, she has a job and is trying to get back to some normality. However, the job has raised questions considering her murder convictions. Knox was hired as a freelance reporter for a local newspaper last month, and continues to write stories now under her real name.

By Alexandria Ingham


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