American Horror Story Freak Show: The Day the Music Died


In American Horror Story: Freak Show the Pink Cupcake episode was the day that Elsa’s music died. Her splendid rendition of Life on Mars fell on deaf ears and the crowd booed the singer’s performance and threw popcorn at her. Mars leaves the stage in tears, confused and upset as Jimmy, aka Lobster Boy, leads her away. Meanwhile Stanley sits in the audience with a smile on his face, one that looks suspiciously satisfied. It certainly seems like his plans are going very well.

The homicidal entrepreneur, or con man, has already revealed his plans to decimate the Freak Show with a “run of bad luck” and Stanley must have been worried when he learned that Elsa would rather be “boiled in oil than be on television.” Stanley, as Mr Spencer from WBN, is not happy that Ms. Mars is not rushing to be signed up. As Spalding/Spencer tells Maggie Esmerelda, he needs the proprietor in his pocket for all the plans to come together.

As he is leaving Elsa’s tent, Spencer says that not everyone wants the same thing and he reassures Mars, that he is sure her act will “slay me.” The Hollywood man goes to his reserved chair and tips a pint-sized performer for leading him there. Elsa comes out and does not finish her number and after Jimmy’s upsetting encounter with Desiree Dupree it takes him a moment to realize that Mars is in trouble.

On American Horror Story: Freak Show when the owner of the show goes to sing her music and it dies on the day, Elsa is distraught. Jimmy leads her off stage while trying to comfort the stricken woman. It looks like Spencer had a hand in this incident, one look at the man’s face as Mars leaves the stage confirms this before this giveaway however The performer had to sing.

In Pink Cupcake just as Elsa reaches the highpoint of her Life on Mars rendition, the audience of small town American “rednecks” as Spencer calls them, react badly and aggressively to her performance, throwing popcorn at the stage and heckling the entertainer. Later, the Hollywood “agent” comes to see Mars, who has asked for him, and she requests that he tell her more about this “television.” The newest thing in every American household is no longer quite so repulsive to the performer.

Presumably, the agent tells Mars that she is going to have her own show after all and the next day she makes herself up, with the help of the smallest woman in the world, to the music of another David Bowie song Fame. One more musical anachronism as the song came out in 1975.

As Elsa struts out of her tent to meet with Mr. Spencer, again with to the music of Bowie, she stops short when she sees the back of Bette’s and Dot’s heads in the rear of the agent’s car. The man has just loaded a picnic basket in the trunk of the vehicle and as she stands there watching, he drives off with the siamese twins in the back of the car.

It has already been shown that part of Spencer’s American dream consists of him murdering not only Bette and Dot, but Seal Boy and as many of the inhabitants of the Freak Show. Now it looks like the Tatler twins do not have just the Hollywood agent to fear as Elsa has also decided to dispose of her competition. Granted her plan is not quite so deadly, she just wants the women out of the picture since the day the music died for her in front of the full house of Jupiter rubes. American Horror Story: Freak Show continues to show the depth of Ryan Murphy’s genius and his apparent obsession with David Bowie.

By Michael Smith



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