Arrow vs The Flash Binge Watching for Two Night Event (Video)

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The CW comic book hero series Arrow is doing a crossover with The Flash and the big two night event will be in just two days, for those who are not up on current actions on either show, this means a spot of binge watching is in order. Arrow, a show that started back in 2012, has been on the air quite a bit longer than The Flash, this “new kid” debuted on October 7, 2014. A connection was made between the two DC Comic’s heroes in the pilot of the latter show and now the network is setting up a proper crossover. Are they hedging their bets?

If the network are pushing the odds in their favor by insuring that their new series gets an existing fanbase from another comic based show, then the audience is the true winner. Anyone having only just become aware of the small screen version of the DC hero Green Arrow, may find themselves a little lost without going back to watch the show from its first airing on television. This alternate version of Batman, with a green hoodie and bow and arrow instead of a Batcave and a utility belt full of green crime busting toys, does share the one trait of being a billionaire.

There have been discussion about the differences and similarities between Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen from fans which also point out that the archer was developed because of the caped crusader’s massive popularity. In the DC world the Green Arrow even has a Robin type sidekick, a former drug user called Speedy, and his world includes what can be considered a parallel version of Wayne’s surrogate family situation. The CW version gives Queen a family right off the bat and despite the latter comic’s version of the bow-toting good guy (Which the TV show is based on) he knows at least one other hero, with super speedy skills beyond a druggy nickname, The Flash. Now the man in green vs the man in the red onesie is upcoming and in order to prepare for this two night event, new fans to both shows will need to do some binge watching.

It will be considerably easier to catch up on Barry Allen, aka The Flash, since his is the most recent story on television. Heading over to Netflix, one can catch the whole story rather quickly. In terms of the DC Comic verse, the show has opted to use the version of the superhero that has police scientist Allen who became the speedy chap in red after being struck by lightning on top of getting coated in chemicals prior to the shocking incident (in the comic). On the TV series Allen is struck by some sort of dark energy lightning bolt and the protagonist did not have any chemicals on him when it happened.

Thus far, the main difference between the verses has been how he decides to become “The Flash,” in the comic he adopts the name from reading earlier adventures from the “Golden Age” of DC Comics. This is not the case on the CW show. In the DC world Allen was only one of several characters to have the scarlet speedsters title and after his death another was introduced by the comic. On TV, CW learned with Smallville that shows based on comic book worlds are popular and they have proved that with their two most recent creations.

Arrow, or the Green Arrow in the comics, vs The Flash in the upcoming two night event on CW, will be entertaining as crossovers go, although viewers new to both shows will have to do some serious binge watching before Tuesday, December 3 when the first episode of this epic hero match begins. Folks just coming into the verse of both comic heroes, will have fun catching up on both characters’ adventures on the small screen. The two men are great as their respective good guy and the producing network have gotten their formulas down pat. Arrow has been going strong since 2012 and it looks like The Flash is going to repeat that success. For those that are interested, the preview of the upcoming show is below.

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