Benedict Cumberbatch Engaged on Page 57



Fans of the Star Trek: Into Darkness actor Benedict Cumberbatch could have missed the news that he is engaged to his director/actress girlfriend Ms. Sophie Hunter if some sharp eyed folks had not seen the announcement which was buried on page 57 of the United Kingdom news publication The Times. At one point, Twitter was alight with fans of the 38 year-old formerly eligible bachelor expressing their upset at the news that the English (born and raised in London) actor has taken himself off the market, so to speak.

The flurry of tweets has slowed down although according to the Twitter account @dim_mj aka Ben Cucumberbatch the star of Atonement was trending, at least three hours ago –


Apparently after going up to Scotland where he travelled to Edinburgh to speak to Ms. S.I. Hunter’s mother to ask for her hand in marriage the notice was put in the paper as obviously the answer was yes otherwise the announcement would not have been made. While there have been a number of folks who are asking just why Mr. Cumberbatch decided to post the news in such an old fashioned manner it does make a certain amount of sense.

Firstly, it should be pointed out that in Scotland tradition does lean towards the old fashioned. The kilted country only recently stopped frowning upon women entering a pub sans a male companion (recently meaning the late 1970s early 1980s) and to be sure, the international film star probably posted The Times engagement announcement to keep his soon-to-be mother-in-law happy. It is most assuredly not Benedict Cumberbatch’s fault that the notices of upcoming marriages is buried way back on page 57 of the paper.


It could be a little unfair to blame Benedict’s “mum-in-law” to be for the printed announcement though. The United Kingdom is more into tradition than the U.S. and the fact that Cumberbatch opted to go the old fashioned route probably had more to do with the star liking to keep a low profile however rather than any nod to the “old fashioned” print way of doing things. Certainly the couple kept the news of their “being a couple” very hush-hush and as this is Benedict’s normal Modus Operandi the U.K. newspaper announcement stays true to the 12 Years a Slave star’s form.

Of course the announcement itself could have been for another Benedict Cumberbatch, son of Wanda and Timothy as well as another Sophie, daughter of Katharine and Charles, but as the film star’s camp has verified the information that takes the question of validity right out of the equation. Sophie and her new fiance met on the set of Burlesque Fairytales, a 2009 film, and the two have kept their relationship so quiet that they were not seen together until the were caught out at the 2014 French Open.

The Sherlock star has been accused of being a little hasty and rushing into this engagement with Sophie particularly as he was with former girlfriend Olivia Poulet, who guested on the television show in 2010, for 12 years before breaking up with the London actress and Benedict has been with Ms. Hunter for mere months before announcing that he, Cumberbatch, is officially engaged to Sophie on page 57 of The Times. Regardless of the amount of time involved, the Shere Khan actor has confirmed via his team that the notice is correct and the only thing left to do is raise a glass and to toast the soon to be wed couple. Cheers.

By Michael Smith



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