Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set to Include New Songs


Beyoncé is re-releasing an expanded edition of her self-titled album on Monday, November 24. The new music will be included in a special holiday Platinum Edition Box Set. This confirms the rumors that have recently been floating around that she will release new music, though it is not quite the in same format and with same amount of songs as a fake “leaked” music industry memo claimed it would be.

The collection, titled Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set, will contain one extra CD of music as well as a DVD that features a concert from Queen Bey’s tour with her husband, Jay Z, called the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, according to a report in

The music on the new CD that will be added includes two entirely new songs, Ring Off and 7/11. Besides the new music, there will also be four previously unreleased remixes of her songs. The remixes will be one by Pharrell Williams of Bey’s song, Blow, a remix of Flawless with Nicki Minaj, a remixed version of Drunk In Love with not only Jay Z but also Kanye West, and a remixed single not on Beyoncé the song Standing on the Sun, remixed by and featuring Mr. Vegas. Oh, yeah — as an added bonus, fans will get, according to, a photo booklet and a 2015 Beyoncé mini-calendar for their hard-earned money.

The new edition is a very welcome one to her millions of fans world-wide, but the faked supposed “leak” of what she was going to release was much different than the news about the holiday Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set. The fake memo suggested that the CD that Mrs. Carter was going to release would contain 11 new songs.

Some of the songs mentioned that will not be included are a duo with Justin Timberlake called Renouncement and one with Nicki Minaj titled DONK. Other songs not included that are on the list of 11 on the memo are True, Loyal, and KO, with Beyoncé singing with Rihanna and Frank Ocean, as well as the aforementioned Timberlake and Minaj.

There was also a rumor that the new album would contain the DVD of the HBO special Queen Bey and Jay Z did featuring music from their On the Run Tour. Now, there is speculation about if the memo was completely fabricated, or if the songs it mentioned might be yet to come on some future Beyoncé album.

Beyoncé debuted at number one when it first came out. So far, it has sold over 3.5 million copies around the world. Will her new collection with additional songs, Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set, be able to dethrone Taylor Swift from atop the Billboard charts and take over the number one spot?

According to an article in Forbes which ranked the top-grossing women in the music industry, Beyoncé had that number one spot sewed up, having earned $115 million. Taylor Swift was in second place on the list, with earnings of $64 million — but, that did not include how much she has earned since June 2014, with the sales of her latest album, 1989, going through the roof.

Sometimes, rumors are true — and sometimes, they are just partially true. While Beyoncé is releasing new music, as well as some remixes, she is not coming out with an entirely new album of songs, at least not yet. Still, the collection Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set is sure to become a big seller for her, and will find its way under many Christmas trees this coming December.

Written By Douglas Cobb

The Malay Mail Online
Photo by Hot Gossip Italia – Flickr License

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