Big Hero 6 Disney Firing on All Cylinders (Review and Trailer)

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Disney has taken a solo journey into a more esoteric Marvel verse with Big Hero 6 and the studio is firing on all cylinders with this very entertaining film aimed at not just the younger members of the audience but their parents as well. This is the Disney of old, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Up, and so on. The soft happy-ish start, the suckerpunch – guaranteed to make the most cynical viewer take that sharp inhaled shocked breath – and the young hero, excuse the pun, making good. This big 3D spectacular will keep audiences enthralled and excited about what transpires on-screen.

The movie’s main protagonist, is Hiro Hamada, a child prodigy who graduated from high school at 13 and who currently is hustling robot wars contestants with his superior battle bot. Big brother Tadashi, is pushing to get his younger brother into the “nerd college” he attends and after a short visit, where Hiro meets the gang of students there and the professor who runs that section Robert Callaghan. Once he takes the tour, Hiro is desperate to get in and he must come up with a project that impresses the college enough that he is invited to join.

The now 14 year old genius develops nanobots, which impresses not only the professor but his nemesis Alister Krei as well. Krei offers to purchase the idea immediately and Hiro declines, opting instead to attend the college where his brother, and his friends, go. After finding out that he has been accepted, Hiro and his brother see that the building is on fire, Tadashi rushes in to save Professor Callaghan and seconds after he enters the front door, the building explodes.

After the two men are buried, Hiro learns that his brother’s invention, the healthcare robot called BayMax has activated itself and the young heartbroken teen bonds with the creation. Big Hero 6 is Disney gold, the film fires on all cylinders and covers every base. The movie’s plot is funny, entertaining, clever, touching and all those other things that make Disney Studio productions so good.

This is a splendid feature that kids of all ages will enjoy. This obscure set of Marvel superheroes get the Disney treatment and it works beautifully. The film’s setting is in “San Fransokyo” and the movie’s scenery looks gorgeous. The graphics are Pixar sharp and the cast all deliver in their respective roles. Damon Wayans Jr, Jamie Chung, Genesis Rodriguez, Alan Tudyk and veteran character actor James Cromwell all knock it out of the park in terms of performance.

Daniel Henney, as Tadashi and Ryan Potter as Hiro work well together in their limited screen time as brothers and Scott Adsit just kills it as BayMax. Special kudos got to T.J. Miller as Fred, the wannabe superhero who inspires the college members at the “nerd school” and who also gives them all nicknames. The film is directed by Don Hall, who was one of many of the screenplay co-writers, and Chris Williams. Both directors have helmed Disney films before, Hall on Winnie the Pooh, and Williams on Bolt and the short film Glago’s Guest.

Big Hero 6 is classic Disney and while it is not necessary to bring in a box of tissues, the film does fire on all cylinders in terms of laughter, plot development and likeable characters, with the odd teary moment. There are even a couple of Marvel type surprises for the attentive movie goer and it would behoove viewers to stick around until all the credits have rolled. Big Hero 6 opens in cinemas across the country on November 6. Do not miss this fun and exciting film. An animated feature so good that an entire theater full of children, small and not so small, sat transfixed throughout the entire movie, as did their parents. This animated adventure is on par with Frozen and is almost perfect entertainment. Prepare to be “Disney’d” in a real big way.

By Michael Smith



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