‘Big Hero 6’ Joins ‘Disney Infinity’ [Video]

big hero 6

The popular new animated film from Disney and Marvel, Big Hero 6, has now had its two main heroes join the roster of playable characters in the open-world creation video game Disney Infinity. The game makes use of physical vinyl figures representing various characters that are placed on a base in order to play as said character. Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6 now have their very own figures.

Hiro is a human boy and the main protagonist in the film. Baymax is his lovable oversized robot counterpart. Both figures represent the film’s version of each character very well. Hiro’s figurine displays him in a purple and black armored suit with a stance stating that he is ready for battle. Baymax also dons his full suit of bright red armor complete with an epic wingspan that presents him as a flying character.

big hero 6
Baymax and Hiro ‘Disney Infinity’ Figures

Hiro’s powers within the game are deceivingly strong. Though his avatar looks like that of a teenage boy, his in-game self stays true to the intellectual prodigy he is in Big Hero 6 by equipping him with many advanced robotic attacks. Hiro can actually use swarms of nanobots to navigate him around the terrain of Disney Infinity as well as to ward off his enemies. The nanobots can be summoned to form various shapes that will penetrate through any baddies he encounters in the game, giving players a unique and entertaining experience when playing as Hiro.

Baymax proves to be a massive offensive player for users to take control of. Competing with the likes of Marvel’s Hulk and Venom figures, Baymax holds his own as a rather unique character. The robot is equipped with rockets he can project from his hands as well as the aforementioned wings that propel him throughout the air. In a multiplayer mode of Disney Infinity users can actually use both characters in syncopation where Hiro can ride on Baymax’s back as they fly and attack to their hearts’ desire.

The inclusion of the Big Hero 6 characters for the latest version of the Disney Infinity game was a rather risky move as the figures were released before the film even came out, but it seems that it will be one that pays off rather well in the end. The original Disney Infinity used the same exact tactic last fall when they included the figures of Anna and Elsa from Frozen in their lineup around the time of the movie’s release and before the characters had even remotely amounted to the clout they hold today.

Big Hero 6 also has potential to gain some notable success as well. The film dominated the box office sales upon its release and has already garnered some Oscar buzz, insinuating the film will be a contender for best animated feature at this year’s awards ceremony. Pixar has taken home the gold trophy multiple times for the category, but Big Hero 6 is strictly a Disney Animations production with no inclusion of Pixar. One will wonder if the single studio will be enough to win the Oscar.

Big Hero 6 joining Disney Infinity will undoubtably bring much joy to fans of the film, the video game and the Disney franchise in general. The Hiro and Baymax figures are now available and the film is also now playing in theaters. An episode of Disney Infinity’s web series Toy Box TV featuring the two aforementioned figures can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

The Atlantic
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