Boston Police Seek Man in Murder of Woman


Boston police are seeking a man they are calling a “person of interest” in the death of his girlfriend, the mother of his children, who was discovered on Saturday evening inside of the couple’s home in Dorchester with serious gunshot wounds. The woman died at the scene. Police issued a warrant for the arrest of Paulo Rosa in connection with the murder of his girlfriend, said to be in her 30s, whose brother is a police officer with the Boston Police Department.

Commissioner William B. Evans of the Boston Police Department held a brief conference with media outside of the home where the woman was killed. Evans said that an alert had been broadcast statewide to law enforcement to be on the lookout for Rosa, who is also in his 30s. Evans believes that Rosa is a threat to both himself and to others. Although he does not have a criminal record, the woman was “well-known” to the police department, said Evans.

Edson Soares Da Rosa, a cousin of Rosa’s who was also at the scene on Saturday evening, told media that at approximately 3 p.m., Rosa made a phone call to his younger brother. During the call, he told his brother that he had killed the woman, identified by family as Audilia Daveiga, and was going to also kill himself. Da Rosa said that he has heard nothing from his cousin since.

Photo courtesy of Boston Police Department

Although Da Rosa said that Rosa and Daveiga were husband and wife, police believe they were not married. Da Rosa knew of no problems or financial troubles between the couple, who he said had been with each other for many years. They had together a son, 5, and another young child. The 5-year-old was unharmed during the incident, and it is not clear if he had been at the home or if he had witnessed the murder.

Da Rosa maintains that he never saw the two argue and that they always appeared to be “having fun.” He urged his cousin to surrender to authorities, saying that the family is concerned that Rosa may have already caused himself harm.

Boston police are on the hunt for a blue 2013 Infiniti bearing a Massachusetts plate reading 1LZ224. It is unknown when Rosa left the home, which on Saturday night remained enclosed with crime-scene tape, the front entrance door hanging open to reveal a flight of stairs inside. A blue 2009 Infiniti, wrapped in yellow tape, sat parked next to a police car on which lights continued to flash.

Evans said that Daveiga was “well-known to the neighborhood.” He said that all signs at this time point to a domestic incident. When news of the woman’s murder was released, a group of people gathered on a street corner near the home, praying and crying. A young man emerged from the group, attacked a TV cameraman and shoved him to the ground. Lining the streets were residents of the neighborhood, many of whom did not know the suspect or victim or even what had occurred.

Boston Police ask anyone with information on where Rosa might be to call the department at (617) 343-4470. The public is advised that Roja is considered dangerous and is not to be approached.

By Jennifer Pfalz

Boston Globe
Photo by velkr0 – License

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