‘Dancing With the Stars’: Alfonso Ribiero Dropping Out?

Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars fans have their favorites this season, as usual, but one of the celebs that many people have thought might be the ultimate winner and take home the Mirror Ball Trophy is Alfonso “Carlton” Ribeiro. He might have to remove himself from competition, according to E! Online and other sources, due to an injury he suffered on October 6 during the show that has led to his getting injured more severely recently during rehearsals. Doctors have not yet determined if The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star will be able to dance on Monday night.

Ironically, the injury that Ribiero, 43, suffered just last month on Dancing With the Stars was when he tried to do one of his signature dances from when he played “Carlton” on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, called “The Carlton.” Though he and Witney Carson, his dance partner, received perfect scores of 10s from all of the judges and continue to have amazing performances, Alfonso believes that he suffered a pulled groin injury during rehearsals for his October 6 dance of “The Carlton.”

According to an interview Alfonso Ribiero gave to People, he stated “I think I did it so hard that I actually pulled it.”

As a result of that earlier injury, trying to compensate for the pain he still has been experiencing dating back to Ocotber 6, Ribiero hurt his back. An article in TMZ mentioned that Alfonso had to skip a rehearsal that had been scheduled for last Thursday.

Up until recently, Alfonso Ribiero has managed to deal with the pain, and he has danced through it, still getting high scores with the help of Witney Carson. He told a reporter from Extra that he and Witney have tried to “give it our all and we hold nothing back,” despite his pulled groin injury.

One thing that has helped Alfonso Ribiero get through the pain from having been injured during rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars is that he states he has been “doing a lot of treatment every week.” He added that, though “a lot of work is involved,” he has been trying to keep on dancing and stay in the competition.

Another person who has gotten injured during this season of Dancing With the Stars is Ribiero’s dance partner, Witney Carson. During one of the rehearsals for the show, she injured her back.

Besides the “Dynamic Duo” of Ribiero and Carson, another celeb has also gotten injured this season of Dancing With the Stars. Tommy Chong tore a muscle in the calf of one of his legs and there was talk at the time he might have to withdraw himself from competing any further into the season. He had to have two appointments at a Beverly Hills’ Stand Up MRI facility to be able to continue on to the semi-finals.

Also, pro dancer Karina Smirnoff has had to sit out a few weeks because of a wrist injury she suffered while taking part in a group rehearsal. She has now healed sufficiently enough that she is back performing at the Dancing With the Stars ballroom.

According to sources, Alfonso was in attendance at Friday’s rehearsals, but he did not participate in them. He sat on the sidelines watching Witney Carson dance with a stand-in.

The producers of Dancing With the Stars do not want to allow Ribiero’s injury to get worse. Continuing to dance on the show this season could potentially led to his having permanent damage to his back. While Alfonso Ribiero does not want to disappoint his many fans by having to drop out from performing any further in the competition, he might have to do so to avoid making his back any worse. Word might not come if he will be able to perform until the very day of the next episode of Dancing With the Stars, this coming Monday.

Written By Douglas Cobb

E! Online
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