‘Dancing With the Stars’: Season 19 Winner Revealed

Dancing With the Stars

On Dancing With the Stars tonight, it was the Season 19 Finale episode, and the winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy was finally revealed! Also, there were great musical performances by people like Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas and dances galore, both from the entire cast of 13 celebs who began the season and one final Fusion dance performed by the three remaining couples.

Meghan Trainor performed both her hit song It’s All About the Bass and a newer song, Lips Are Moving. Nick Jonas elicited cheers and screams from the females in the audience when he sang his hit, Jealous. Also, Go All Night was sung by the lovely Jennifer Hudson along with Gorgon City.

Sadie and Mark did a Quick Step/Samba Fusion dance to start off the final night of competition. “Being able to do what Sadie has done is remarkable,” Mark said. They danced to the Kimberly Cole song Nitty Gritty. They were INCREDIBLE!

Len said “Yours is a Cinderella story! You’re leaving a dancing princess!”

Julianne said “You’re so proud of yourself! You’re beautiful, you’ve grown so much, and we love you!”

Bruno said Mark has done a great job making you look like a real dancing princess.”

Carrie Ann called Sadie “an excellent role model” and said that the dance “was a great portrayal of the era.” These comments are somewhat paraphrased.

Carrie Ann: 10
Len: 10
Julianne: 10
Bruno: 10

Tom Bergeron said that Janel and Val would dance next on Dancing With the Stars following a commercial break. They performed a fusion of a Foxtrot and Paso doble  dance to the Kiesza’s song Hideaway. Janel was hot, and they both KILLED this dance! It was AWESOME!

Julianne said “That Fusion was so seamless! I wanted it to keep going!”

Bruno said “I loved the way they started — sophisticated !”

Carrie Ann said “I was riveted by your journey, and it was a riveting dance!”

Len said “You combined the how of the technique with the wow of the performance!”

Carrie Ann: !0
Len: 10
Julianne: 10
Bruno: 10

They got the second score of perfect 10s so far tonight on Dancing With the Stars, for 40/40 total points. They put on a brilliant performance, but was it enough to win the Mirror Ball Trophy?

After commercials on Dancing With the Stars, Tom said that Sadie and Mark were in the lead. He showed scenes of Alfonso and Witney in rehearsals. “If everyone gets 10s, that means we have to get 10s,” Witney told him.

Witney was PERFECTION! Alfonso was also great, but he had a terrific dance partner. They did a Cha-Cha-Cha/Argentine Tango Fusion to the song .

Bruno said “You always give the audience what they want! You are legend, man!”

Julianne said “Your love for dance just shines! You are like a glitter ball!”

Len said “This whole competition has been like a wonderful novel, and we’re on the last page.’

Carrie Ann said “I agree that you’ve really done an amazing job!”

Tom said that Alfonso and Witney would need a 39 to take the lead and win the Mirror Ball Trophy. Alfonso said he would be going out on tour with Dancing with the Stars.

Carrie Ann: 10
Len Goodman: 10
Jullianne: 10
Bruno: 10

When Dancing With the Stars came back on, Tom asked the celebs to say a few last words to their pro dance partners. It was a cool, touching segment, with the celebs expressing their heartfelt thanks.

“Let’s get to some results,” Tom said. “The couple in third place is — Janel and Val.” Janel said she “was lucky to just be standing next to him.”

“One of these couples will become the new champion of Dancing With the Stars when we come back,” Tom Bergeron said. The show went to yet another commercial break.

Finally, the winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing With the Stars was announced when the show came back from the commercial break. “alfonso, you said you waited 10 years for your shot at this Mirror Ball Trophy. The winners and new champions of Dancing With the Stars are — the wait is over! Alfonso and Witney!” They gve each othe a big hug.

“I’ve wanted this forever! I don’ know what to say!” Witney said “He worked so hard for this! He deserves it!”

Tom then handed Alfonso the Mirror Ball trophy and he was hoisted up by the pro dancers, in triumph. Confetti came down from the ceiling. The next season, the show’s 10th, will begin in March.

What a great ending to another sensational season of Dancing With the Stars on ABC! March is too far off — must…show…patience. Did the best couple win the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy? Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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