‘Destiny’ Upgrade Materials to be Updated

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Destiny, through one of its weekly patches and updates, seems to be on the verge of letting loose the belt on the upgrade materials throughout the universe. Bungie, in the midst of coming out with another, paid content update called The Dark Below, has posted some loose details on their site concerning their potential future plans, but their wording also suggests that this update, and others, is still some time away. Unlike the last update, which focused almost solely on the Vault of Glass content, this one has a wider scope with some changes the majority of the community has been waiting for since launch.

This potential update from Bungie seems to aim a scatter shot at most issues that a lot of fans feel prevent Destiny from being what it could be. Reading an official blog post from Bungie’s official site, it seems that the company is working on this litany of changes—or a “care package”—in the background while The Dark Below approaches. Among this list of working ideas, there is the implementation of in-game channels for talking between matched allies, new Exotic weapons and Legendary gear, added shaders, a preview option for upgrading gear and upping public event frequency.

Buried within the list is “New economies to equip…upgrade materials,” which seems to be the largest change that would befall Destiny so far. Currently, the common materials are sealed away to respective planets with randomly spawned locations while rare pieces, such as Ascendant Shards, are usually left for the end mission lottery. These materials are crucial for climbing through post-game levels as they are used for upgrading the light rating of Legendary and Exotic gear. Should this new economy offer an exchange kiosk of some sort where Glimmer could be traded for materials, the grind of running through specific planet areas for these required pieces could be cut down significantly.

The post warns early on, however, that there is no window for release on any of these pieces, making it seem as though the only content change for the immediate future will be The Dark Below for Destiny. That paid expansion will allow for some free changes such as the increase in the number of bounties that can be held at once. The last ideas that are on Bungie’s “whiteboard” are letting the Cryptarch seem a little more generous, other patches and fixes and a few other secrets that the company is not interested in revealing quite yet.

Destiny, through Bungie, has had several additions and timed events since the title’s launch about two months ago. Among the limited time events, there was Queen’s Wrath, the Iron Banner and a few multiplayer game modes, but none of which seemed to satiate the masses with some using the same places and missions again and again and others not living up to their promised quality levels. The Dark Below, which will include several extra missions, Raids and Strikes, will be available Dec. 9 for $19.99, and is a part of the Destiny Season Pass that includes this and the future House of Wolves for $35 for those who did not purchase a collector’s edition.

By Myles Gann


Game Informer
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