Evil Dead TV: Bruce Campbell Back as Ash Sam Raimi to Direct

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It has been confirmed, Evil Dead TV is happening on Starz and Bruce Campbell is back as Ash and Sam Raimi is to direct at least the pilot. The news is thrilling fans of the original franchise starring Bruce as Ash Williams who defeats The Evil Dead with a chainsaw and his “boomstick.” The fact that the Starz network has commissioned this new series, titled Ash vs. Evil Dead has caused the whole thing to trend on Facebook, although it has not made it over to Twitter just yet. There are no hashtags of any description celebrating the news…yet.

This new series will have 10, 30-minute episodes and it will premiere in 2015. Sam Raimi, the man who historically loves to torture his friend and star Bruce Campbell on film is down to direct the pilot episode based on a script co-written by the Spiderman director with Ivan Raimi and Tom Spezialy. Brother Ivan (who also worked on Army of Darkness and Drag Me to Hell) will co-produce as well, along with Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell and Aaron Lam. There is no word as yet about whether younger Raimi sibling Ted will be attached in any way to the project.

Ted Raimi is well known for playing cameos where his characters die quite horribly. Ted played a total of three characters in the 1992 film Army of Darkness and in the first film in the franchise, the 1981 The Evil Dead is listed as “Fake Shemp” along with a number of other folks and in Evil Dead 2 (1987) he played the possessed Henrietta. For explanations of what a “Fake Shemp” is, read Bruce Campbell’s 2001 autobiographical book, If Chins Could Kill. The Burn Notice star is back as Ash and his old pal Sam Raimi is to direct the TV Evil Dead but it certainly will not be the same without Ted.

The younger brother of Sam and Ivan worked with Campbell in the 2007 film My Name is Bruce where he again played multiple characters, a total of three, and at least one of these died horribly. Whether Ted makes it back or not, Bruce as Ash will be facing a new horde of Deadites who are going to destroy the human race. The man who handles a mean boomstick and has the “cutting edge” over any Deadite with his chainsaw hand accessory looks to be turning his back on his job as an older stock boy and is stepping up to the challenge of saving mankind.

According to Campbell’s friend and torturer, Sam Raimi, Ash is back to fight and kick “monster butt” and this time, according to the man who will direct at least one episode of the show, there is going to be a lot of butt to kick. Evil Dead TV aka Ash vs. Evil Dead has Bruce back with his boomstick but on the small screen and the Starz show is just one of many “cult” classics that have been commissioned to be remade for television. The Hollywood Reporter states that there are a number of these remakes that have been commissioned for the small screen, which includes, Twin Peaks and Outlander to name but two. The most exciting news though is that The Evil Dead is back with Bruce and Sam and, with any luck, Ted.

By Michael Smith


The Hollywood Reporter