‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie Releases New Footage [Video]

fifty shades of grey

On Nov. 13 new footage of the highly anticipated page-to-screen adaptation of the global bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey was released during an airing of ABC’s Scandal. British author E. L. James is the creator of the steamy romance novel and fans of her original series of books will see many familiar scenarios in the new trailer.

The trailer features actress Dakota Johnson as the leading role of Anastasia Steele and Irish actor and model Jamie Dornan as her counterpart Christian Grey. When the casting for the film’s two leads was announced, much skepticism arose in the community of the Fifty Shades fans. Many deemed the two actors unfit for the roles James had created in her stories, but after seeing what each actor has to offer in the new footage, the aforementioned naysayers may have a change of mind.

The first trailer for the film was released four months ago and only until now has the public been able to see anymore of the movie. This new trailer reveals more characters that were unseen in the first trailer as well as a number of locations that fans of the books will notice. Anastasia Steele’s workplace at a Seattle hardware store makes an appearance as the two leads share a moment of lustfully tense screen time and fans get a peek at the inside of humble college student Anastasia’s closet and the multi-billionaire Christian’s wardrobe of luxury.

Other cast members that have remained unseen until now get a decent amount of screen time in the latest trailer. The likes of Pride & Prejudice actress Jennifer Ehle makes an appearance as Carla May Wilks, Anastasia’s mother. True Blood star Luke Grimes is seen as Christian Grey’s younger brother, Elliot Grey and Eloise Mumford from So Undercover has screen time as Anastasia’s best friend Kate Kavanagh. In addition to the aforementioned list of actors, although she is not seen in the trailer, musician and singer of the popular “Black Widow” song Rita Ora plays the role of Christian Grey’s younger sister Mia Grey.

One factor that Fifty Shades of Grey is known for is its inclusion of not only explicit sex scenes, but of the world of BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism) as well. The trailer reveals to audiences that Christian Grey lives a very controlled and secretive lifestyle through BDSM with his romantic partners and he introduces the innocent Anastasia to this dark world. Fans get a taste of the trademark Fifty Shades of Grey sex scenes with clips of Johnson and Dornan in bed together and him taking her into his BDSM red room of pleasure. The film will undoubtably have an R rating, but it will be interesting to see how director Sam Taylor-Johnson recreates some of James’ most explicit moments without garnering an NC-17 rating.

The release of the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie footage has the series’ followers and new fans alike pumped up even more to witness the exhilarating romance of E.L. James’ brought to life on screen. Fifty Shades of Grey opens in theaters on February 13, 2015. The aforementioned trailer can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier


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