Freddie Prinze Jr Recovering From Spinal Surgery

Freddie Prinze Jr

Freddie Prinze Jr is recovering from spinal surgery after he was operated on last week on 20th November to resolve some “disc issues” he had been experiencing. The star of Scooby Doo, I Know What You Did Last Summer and She’s All That and husband of Sarah Michelle Gellar is undergoing physical therapy, and is wearing a neck brace.

Freddie Prinze Jr, 38, tweeted to fans. comparing “learning to walk again,” to “learning jiu-jitsu,” in that each required learning “1 technique at a time.” Prinze received stitches in his neck and a neck brace, which he has dubbed a “Robo-Neck.”

His wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, recently gave birth to their third child together, and their first boy. Their two daughters are five and two years old. He is taking pain pills and has said it will take him a couple of weeks to recover from the surgery.

According to TheWrap, Freddie Prinze Jr was “well enough to start exercising,” within days after the surgery, and he tweeted on Monday that he was “Already getting my miles in.”

Prinze referred to his surgery as being “Cena surgery,” named after neck surgery that WWE wrestler, John Cena, had in 2008. His doctors went in from the front of the neck, also, to remove a large disk fragment compression on his vertebra that had been causing the weakening of a nerve leading to the wrestler’s right arm.

When he is not spending time in physical therapy, Freddie Prinze Jr has been chatting with fans via social media, watching TV and just relaxing. He also said he has watched Beetlejuice during his recovery time.

Though Freddie Prinze Jr has said he is basically “retired,” he has had some roles lately, like in the TV series Bones and Witches of East End. Also, Prinze has done some vocal work on the animated Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels. He does the voice of the character Kanan.

When he was asked by a fan via Twitter if he had seen the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that was released on Black Friday, Freddie Prinze Jr responded that he did not “watch trailers,” and, instead, liked “seeing things fresh fresh fresh.”

The actor did not mention to his fans before his surgery that he had been having any problems. Freddie Prinze Jr only let his fans know about the surgery on November 20th, when he uploaded before and after photos of himself previous to the neck surgery and after, a photo of himself taken in a car wearing a neck brace.

Prinze also tweeted photos of the scar on his neck following the operation. The scar looks relatively small, considering the nature of the surgery and the fact that surgeons operated on the actor’s spine by going in from the front of his throat. Freddie Prinze has taken the whole operation with a sense of self-deprecating humor, even giving himself nicknames like “the Iron Android,” “Brobot” and “Robo-bro.”

Freddie Prinze Jr is expected to make a full recovery from his spinal surgery of November 20. It must not have been fun recovering from his neck surgery during Thanksgiving day, but he should hopefully be doing much better by Christmas.

Written By Douglas Cobb

E! Online
Photo by Jaina – Flickr License

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