Garth Brooks Honors Cancer Patient in the Middle of Concert [Video]

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks is on tour right now and while singing The Dance, in Minneapolis, the song comes to a surprise ending when he honors a fan who is going through chemo. Her sign flashes on the big screen during the song and the crowd went wild, the sign said “Chemo this Morning,” and goes on with “Garth tonight” then the last three words on her sign were “enjoying the dance.”

Teresa Shaw is the owner of that sign and, while battling breast cancer and the chemo that goes along with it, she decided to take a break and go to the concert with her 19-year-old daughter. Shaw was hoping that the sign would be seen by Brooks and maybe even signed, but what she got was so much more than that. The country star lost his mother and sister to cancer and, upon seeing this sign, he had ushers bring the woman straight up to the front row.

Shaw was escorted to the front of the stage and receives a personal serenade from Brooks – but it did not end there: He wraps up the song while holding her hand, plants a kiss on her head and then exchanges her sign for his guitar. The woman is visibly stunned as the award-winning singer stands up holding her sign; addressing the fans, Brooks says that, sometimes, wishing for a sign from God, one gets an answer. He then lets Shaw know that everyone in the stadium is sending her their strength and that she will kick cancer’s butt.

The 52-year-old singer never fails to amaze his fans, and this year is no exception – as seen in the video below, where the entire stadium is singing along with him. Throughout the 90’s, Brooks broke records for not only record sales but concert sales too. He is country royalty for sure, and now, with this viral clip from his latest concert, he is sure to amass even more fans.

He was the best-selling artist from 1991 until 2013 and shows no signs of stopping – and he has six albums that have all reached diamond status to prove it. From 2001 through 2009, Brooks went into a sort of retirement and did not tour during this time. He did, however, sporadically release singles which sold at Walmart through an exclusive deal they made with the superstar.

With sold-out venues in every city booked for this latest tour, it is apparent that his fans missed his live performances and welcome him with open arms everywhere he goes. With all that goes on in daily life – the trials and the hardships – Brooks has shown his strength in many ways, like taking the time to make a cancer patient’s night by not only acknowledging her, but giving her his guitar and words of strength and encouragement. The dedication of the fans, and their reaction to his performance for Shaw, will surely be an event she can look back on during her coming months of chemotherapy – and draw strength from.


Opinion by Kristi Cereska

Garth Brooks

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