Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 7: Risk [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

Risk, the eighth episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 11 focused on a storyline that many people were expecting. Derek Shepherd finally decided to take the job in Washington, and move away from his family. After last week’s actions at trying to ruin his sister’s career, it is time for him to step back from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. To top it all off, it is the mid-season finale—yes, already—so viewers will have to wait until after the New Year to see how everyone is dealing with it.

The episode starts off showing that the other shoe has finally dropped for Meredith. Her adopted sister and husband are arguing over the treatment for a patient. With Owen not being the best mediator, Maggie asks Meredith for a second opinion. To Derek’s shock, she sides with her sister, telling Derek that she did learn from the best when it came to brain scans. Owen decides more tests are needed.

Derek decides to get his own second opinion, and that means turning to Richard. Of course, Richard has to side with Derek on this one, leading to more tensions between Maggie and Richard. In the end, Maggie is able to pull rank—thanks to Meredith, and Derek’s attempt at pulling rank first—and the Grey sisters work on the patient. It does lead to a moment between Derek and Richard, which has been needed for the whole season. There is a bumpy session in the surgery, but it turned out that there was no brain deterioration because of the decision.

It is a risk for the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy’s eight episode of season 11. This risk was not just for Meredith and Maggie either. It turns out that there may be something wrong with April and Jackson’s baby. Stefanie Edwards is doing a scan, when she notices abnormalities, but is not sure what to do right now. The main issue is that the baby has been in the same position since the last scan.

When Edwards turns to Arizona for advice, she does not quite get it. In true Grey’s Anatomy style, Arizona has more important things to deal with: Dr. Herman. Arizona wants to know more, and Dr. Herman does not want to explain more about her brain tumor. Herman just wants to enjoy the last days of her life, and that includes sex.

In a risk to her Grey’s Anatomy career, Arizona decides to get the brain scans forwarded to Amelia. Of course, Amelia gets to them first, and mentions how inappropriate sexual relations is a side effect of this type of “beautiful” tumor. It turns out that Amelia can operate on it, too.

Eventually, Herman does get a look at the ultrasound and realizes that there is a problem. The baby has brittle bones and will not live long if it is born at all. Of course, no Grey’s Anatomy pregnancy can go without problems, can it? No wonder expectant mothers worry all the time. Jackson overhears them talking, and finds out the truth.

The argument between Meredith and Derek finally comes to its explosive moment. With a White House representative at the hospital, Derek finally accepts the position and is going to leave for Washington. Meredith tells him to go, and she means it, at the end of Risk, episode eight of Grey’s Anatomy season 11.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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