‘Haven’ Mortality: My Bear Friend Is Back (Review)



Last week in Haven, the flu aka the contagion, spread like wildfire amongst the troubled population and triggered off the CDC doctor and a trouble that had disturbing dancing bears showing up all over town, this week in Mortality the bear friend is back and the troubles may become public knowledge. Duke falls neatly into Mara’s obvious plans to divide and conquer and the “good guys” are running in circles trying to figure out what is going on.

Dr. Cross discovered in the previous episode that all the trouble afflicted townspeople share a genetic anomaly, including Mr. Banks. While this information may have been too late to save Mr. Banks, who died from a self created bubble in his bloodstream, it explains a lot about the “troubles” and that Mara probably knew about this all along. This made it easy for her to foresee the sequence of events and Duke has not worked out yet that the dark side of Audrey has yet to show her true intentions as she works of separating him from his friends.

After Dwight shoots Crocker with a taser in Morbidity he goes rogue and teams up with Mara. Being in such close proximity to the chief trouble maker of Haven with no real backup has left Duke open to her manipulative ways. After deciding that he is part of “Team Mara” Crocker sneaks the evil version of Audrey into town to get hold of some aether. The doctor from the CDC may have put the town under quarantine but she also seems to be able to figure out just what is happening in the town. Dwight gives some of Mara’s black “magic” to Cross to examine.

Meanwhile in Haven: Mortality the bear friend is back after Audrey got Eve out of town in the previous episode, the bear is Eve’s dead dad dressed in a bear costume and in mid dance he removes the head revealing either nothing or the fact that he died from a nasty head wound. Audrey gets sick and after talking to Nathan she asks if she is real since “my immunity to the troubles” disappeared and she now seems to be sick from the same thing that the troubled people are catching in Haven.

Nathan works out that Pete Palek is responsible for the contagion in the town and he tries to “talk him down.” Dwight gives Dr. Cross the aether and Duke, along with Mara, get temporarily trapped in the police chief’s office. Audrey gets worse and Mara goes to retrieve the black stuff from the lab where Cross is examining it. In short order, Dwight stops Mara, Kirk’s trouble almost kills everyone in the hospital, Mara stabs Pete in the neck with a screwdriver forcing Duke to “finish him off,” the contagion is ended but Audrey is still sick, Crocker takes the cuffs off Mara and Vince learns that the CDC does not have anyone in Haven.

This latest news in Haven: Mortality, apart from why the bear friend is back and Pete claiming responsibility for the contagion “it’s my trouble” before dying, is that Doctor Cross is another wild card. Dwight has placed his trust in what could well be another threat to the town. Fans have also been reminded about just how cold blooded Mara can be and she is still working on Crocker to keep him on her team. One disturbing fact learned in this week’s episode is that Mara and Audrey will die at the same time. Does this mean that they are connected despite evidence to the contrary? The show continues to keep the questions piling up and introducing new twists to the plot. Haven airs Fridays on SyFy.

By Michael Smith