Hello Kitty Cafe Coming to California

Hello KittyThe wait is finally over for those who obsess over tasty treats in the shape of Hello Kitty herself, as word has it that the popular Japanese cafe will be coming to California in the summer of 2015. This wildly popular concept started as a food truck and has expanded to bricks and mortar, the Sanrio corporation is prepared to license a cafe in southern California. Sure, pink trucks and pink buildings with food shaped like the popular cat might not be for everyone, however, the popularity of the cafe in Hawaii is enough to bring it to the west coast. Honolulu is the first US city to acquire one of these covenanted cafes.

The food will be cafe style featuring sandwiches and adorable Hello Kitty cookies and deserts. The food truck which just recently made its first appearance in California, will be available for parties, and for those that just cannot wait until the store front is up and operational. Social media will be a big part of this undertaking, however finding them on Twitter or Facebook is a lesson in patience as they are not fully operational as of yet. However, many sites are promoting the website already, in the hopes that all the failed attempts to reach it will get the developers to move faster, due to fan demand.

Hello KittyTokyo is marking the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty with a cafe housed in a popular department store, that will be serving up all the favorite menu items shaped like the icon herself. Bread shaped like the kitten, latte’s with her image in the foam, and even cake pops will be featured, and it will be open for business for the entire month, celebrating the Sanrio characters milestone.

Soon Californians will be able to cozy up to their very own sanctioned Hello Kitty Cafe, the first in North America, as Hawaii has the official title of first in the U.S. The food truck took the Hello Kitty Convention in California by storm, and deal makers are sure that this is a venture that will benefit all involved. Food and the cafe’s decor will all be dedicated to the image of the famous kitty, customers can expect lots of pink and whiskers, in the building and in the food. Like the original cafe’s menu, items will include salads, sandwiches and many sweet treats, along with hot and cold drinks, waffles and breads.

Reviews of those that have gone overseas to the original Sanrio cafes and coffee shops are mixed at best. It seems that the atmosphere is different with each location one might choose to visit. Comments range from ‘disappointing’ to ‘amazing’ depending on which location was being talked about at the time. One such adventurous Hello Kitty fan, describes the experience as being in a pink coffee shop, period, stating that only the color told them they were indeed in one of the famous cafes. This cafe goer remarked on the strange wall of writing that seemed to have no bearing on the theme of the shop, just random customers professing their love for each other. Professing love for the iconic Hello Kitty herself may have been more appropriate.

by Kristi Cereska

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