How Does Peter Pan Fly?

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Peter Pan

On the MAKING OF PETER PAN LIVE! on NBC on Wednesday, November 26, several secrets behind the production of Peter Pan Live! were revealed, like how Peter (Allison Williams) flies, how the dog who plays Nana was trained, who — or what — will play Tinkerbell, and much, much more. The stage set even splits in two at one point, when Peter Pan shows the Darling children how to fly.

It turns out that “flying” can take a lot out of a person, as Allison Williams said that the strenuous activity involved in learning to move and act convincingly when strapped into a harness meant she could enjoy a diet of “everything sinful and it’s never enough to keep me fueled,” according to Williams.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Williams called flying in a harness “a total rush.” However, one drawback that she mentioned is that you can “get saddle sore” being in the harness for too long.

Allison Williams, 26, has stated that she has wanted to play Peter Pan from the time she was just a little girl. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Williams had Fallon show a photo of her as a girl dressed up as Pan.

Peter Pan

One of the many cool facts behind the making of Peter Pan Live! is that Allison Williams dedicated the production to the late Robin Williams. He starred as an adult version of Peter in the movie, Hook, trying to reclaim his stolen children from Captain Hook (1991).

Tinkerbell will be a small puppet within a light, controlled virtually. She will be controlled “virtually like a marionette,” said one of the people behind the creation of Tinkerbell on the show.

The musical production will be narrated by an adult version of Wendy Darling, played by Minnie Driver. Peter, in the musical, wants the younger Wendy (Taylor Louderman) to act as a sort of surrogate mother to the Lost Boys of Never Never Land, telling them stories and treating them tenderly.

Christopher Walken will be playing the notorious villain, Captain Hook. He has had plenty of previous Broadway experience and has played more than his share of villains in past movie roles. He has already been called “the dancing-est Captain Hook ever,” as he will be dancing quite a lot in the production. The Making of Peter Pan Live! show on NBC showed Walken practicing his sword-fighting skills, singing, dancing, and talking about how Captain Hook got his hand replaced by a hook when a crocodile bit it off.

There was even an extra song added to Peter Pan Live! called Vengeance that Christopher Walken will sing. Of Christopher Walken, Allison Williams called him “deeply cool,” and she also said that Walken was “better at acting than I’ve ever been.” Christopher Walken will be on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon later tonight.

Nana the dog will be played by an actual dog, Brody. He was trained to respond to certain words, and the scenes involving his training were interesting to watch. In the 1959 Mary Martin Broadway version of Peter Pan, Nana was played by a person dressed up in a shaggy dog costume.

On December 4, Peter Pan Live! will be on NBC, and it promises to be a Must See TV experience for people of all ages. Also, NBC has an updated sitcom in the planning stages based on the story of Peter Pan.

How does Peter Pan fly? Well, it takes a little faith, some fairy dust…and a harness and diet of donuts and bagels, apparently. The Making of Peter Pan Live! on NBC was fascinating, and showed a lot of secrets behind the production of Peter Pan Live!. Be sure to watch the live musical production when it airs on NBC on December 4.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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