Immigration: Congress Woman Candice Miller Speaks Out

ImmigrationCandice Miller has been serving her home state of Michigan for a number of years, and has recently spoken out on the amnesty given to millions of illegal immigrants by President Barack Obama. It is clear after just reading a few lines that she is against what has just happened, and opposes the actions taken by the president vehemently.

Miller has been in Politics since the 1990’s and is one of Michigan’s most popular representatives. She speaks of the fact that the countries system of immigration is broken, and giving across the board amnesty is no way to fix it. Her speech on her Facebook pages talks of the fact that Obama has stated repeatedly that he does not have the authority to do what he has now done. He has also stated in the past that it is his duty to make sure all laws are executed faithfully. Because this issue was not taken care of in a manner in which the President deems appropriate, he has decided to take matters into his own hands.

Miller believes that this is a set back of epic proportions and that the president is further alienating many Americans and is loosing their trust. She also believes that this will become an issue with those that truly want to fix the immigration system, as they can no longer count on him to obey and enforce the countries laws. Miller states that this is an affront to those that voted and expressed their desires to get things fixed, not just a huge political band-aid. She stands firm that this will cause a division within the political ranks and vows to find a real solution for this very real problem, and that starts with securing the boarders.

The Congress woman has received many varied responses to what she is calling a “political crisis” in regards to immigration, on her Facebook page. The comments range from those that are well-informed citizens to those that continue to spout nonsense. As with all issues in this country, including immigration, there are those that wish to deflect from the topic and fall back on criticizing the president. Love him or hate him, this is a real issue that many believe can ultimately hurt the people who were born and raised in the USA. Many comments come from those that still believe that immigrants are just “working jobs we don’t want anyway.” Going on to say that they work in the fields, and it is these types of comments are met with hot-headed rebuttals.

Many Republicans are voicing their discontent with this immigration amnesty act, stating that there are legal repercussions and that Obama has blatantly overstepped his bounds. Many politicians on both sides of the fence are taking their anger to their Twitter pages, keeping solely within the bounds of this particular dispute, stating that the President is not above the law. One of the biggest concerns is how this will affect jobs in this great country that has been struggling for years now. That being said Forbes is reporting that the impact will be negligible, while others are begging to differ.

By Kristi Cereska


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