Jim Carrey: Dumb and Dumber To Box Office Weekend Winner…Really?

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Jim Carrey proved on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show just what the problem is with Dumb and Dumber To, which has been reported as the box office weekend winner (Really?) with receipts topping at $38.1 million. What is the aforementioned problem? Carrey does not know when to stop. Anyone who has seen the number one film at the box office will realize that Carrey shaving a doting fan practically bald was a “step too far” just like most of the gags and skits in the film. Several videos of the actual haircut stunt are on YouTube and these also go a long way toward why Jim Carrey’s film has done so well in tickets sales, the man’s fans really do love the comic actor.

The 47 year old actor had a barber shop set up on the sidewalk of Hollywood Blvd to give free Lloyd bowl cuts. Carrey’s first “customer” was Colby who claimed he was a Huntington Beach resident. The gag in this stunt was that while the cameras were away, the Dumb and Dumber To star cut off Colby’s ear. The man revealed that he was “psyched” that he had Jim Carrey cut his hair. Then the lady who wound up with Carrey’s handprint on her skull in short stubbly hair took the chair. She nervously asked about the bowl and when the camera returned to the willing victim, named Deanna, she sat in the chair while the Bruce Almighty star told Jimmy Kimmel that this symbolized the control he has over the minds of his fans.

It certainly does. It also explains to great degree just why Jim Carrey and his long awaited sequel Dumb and Dumber To has managed to be the weekend winner at the box office. It really does feel like the performer has some sort of deal with the “Almighty” or more disturbingly, the other chap, to control his fans. The Ace Ventura: Pet Detective star’s popularity has been waning at the box office for some time now. Although the actor got rave reviews for his performance in Kick-Ass 2 as Colonel Stars and Stripes, the entertainer quickly distanced himself from the feature after its release claiming that he had no idea it would be so violent. In reality, the film was a stinker at the box office and presumably Carrey did not want his name associated too much with a film almost universally panned by critics and fans alike.

The two time Golden Globe winner has not had a real hit since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in 2004 so his move back to one of the most, if not the most, successful films of his career was logically brilliant. The visit back to Lloyd and Harry’s juvenile humor fest of 1994 was a calculated risk that paid off. With popularity that has been steadily plummeting, Carrey only has around 13 million followers on Twitter (Speaking of which, how did 38.1 million people plunk down serious cash to watch this film when there appear to be only around 13 millions fans? Did they go to see the film more than once? Did they force strangers in off the street to watch this painful revisit to puerile comedy 101? Answers on a postcard please.) The Cable Guy star needed a box office hit and this updating of the original film fits that bill perfectly.

Unfortunately Carrey’s humor is starting to feel a little desperate. How long can a performer live with the stress of continually giving the public characters who are off the wall or outside the box. Presumably this pressure can be very intense even for an accomplished comic actor like Carrey. Ask Emma Stone, to whom Jim made a declaration of love on YouTube. She was apparently a bit confused about his personal message of adoration and the offer to make babies with her. Later the Me, Myself & Irene star claimed the video was a gag but the damage, so to speak, had been done.

With a decline in box office figures dogging Carrey, the performances he delivered in most of his films have all been quite formulaic. The I Love You Phillip Morris star has repeatedly played the same sort of characters, so much so that he could have phoned most of his parts in. Except for Kick-Ass 2 which, as mentioned above, was a completely wasted effort on his part. So the actor’s best line of defense was to return to type and use his comic template from 1994.

As mentioned in the review of Dumb and Dumber To in the Guardian Liberty Voice, Jim Carrey could have done the part of Lloyd in his sleep, as could Jeff Daniels as Harry, the movie that is apparently the box office weekend winner really is puerile humor squared and this must be what film audiences have really been missing from the big screen. What this means for the average film goer, who does not find everything that Carrey does hysterically funny, this should be setting off alarm bells. The very fact that Hollywood loves a hit, means more sequels are definitely in order, the adoring public of Jim Carrey can watch Lloyd and his equally challenged pal grow old together on the silver screen…what joy. For those adoring fans who just cannot get enough of the actor, there is a video below of him cutting hair at Hollywood Blvd be advised, this video has Jim Carrey taking “it” too far, again.

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