Jimmy Fallon and Josh Hutcherson Play Beer Hockey

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, had wonderful guests on the show this Thursday. For instance, from the Hunger Games movies, actor Josh Hutcherson was his first guest. Later in the episode, Jimmy and Josh played Beer Hockey, using an air hockey table. The second guest of the Tonight Show was actress and comedian Tracy Ullman. The musical guest was Echosmith, featuring Sydney and Graham Sierota.

Jimmy Fallon started the Tonight Show off by warmly welcoming his studio audience. Then he joked and quipped about hot trending news stories in his monologue. Jokes and topics from the monologue follow, somewhat paraphrased

“Here’s what’s hot that people are talking about,” Fallon said. “It’s rumored that President Obama is about to start a 10-step immigration program before Thanksgiving. And you thought your family wouldn’t have anything to talk about.”

Next, he joked about a Congressional meeting in which the topic was about “turning down the air conditioner.’

“Everyone’s still talking about Kim Kardashian appearing nude on the cover of Paper magazine. She reportedly didn’t get paid for it,” Fallon said.

Steve Higgins, the announcer, said “She has two lump sums.”

“Guys, I saw that NBC still has 10 30-second slots left for the Super Bowl,” Jimmy Fallon said. So, he showed a commercial for a prdouct called the “Jog Strap,” which people can wear while jogging to hold something to drink. It hangs between one’s legs, and looks suggestive. It was a funny, actual commercial.

“Las Vegas is hosting a convention for marijuana distributers. ‘What happens in Vegas…no, seriously, what happens in Vegas?'”

“During his attempt to break the longest on-air weather report, Al Roker accidentally left his microphone on while he was using the bathroom,” he said, joking about “intermittent showers.”

Fallon said U2 would be on tomorrow and all of next week. He asked people to record themselves lip syncing to their song The Miracle (of Joey Ramone).

Fallon mentioned his upcoming guests, the said he would be playing Beer Hockey with Josh Hutcherson later in the show. He said Tracy Ullman and Echosmith, who sings Cool Kids, would be on the show, also. “This is my jam, right there!” he said.

Then, it was time for Tonight Show Hashtag. Fallon started the hashtag #MyFamilyIsWeird. Within ten minutes, it was a trending topic.”

Some of the comments Jimmy Fallon read included the these: “When telling me how to make chicken soup, my dad said ‘You have to bone the chicken.’ I think he meant ‘debone.'”

“My uncle wraps his gifts to us in the obituary pages, to remind us how lucky we were to be alive at Christmas.”

“My family and I all wear scrubs when we want to create the Nativity.”

“Our parents named us Skip, Buddy, and Rollo. They named our dog Robert,” Fallon said, concluding the Hashtag comedy bit. The Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

When it came back on, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the evening, Josh Hutcherson. He will be in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One soon. Josh was wearing a green suit.

Josh said he was sick during the press tour, and he leaned closer in to speak with Fallon as he talked.
The Hunger Games franchise has gone worldwide,” Fallon said. He told Josh that “a bunch of people sent him questions.

Josh told him he is not one to continually update his status, saying things like “Getting a Frappuccino at Starbucks. So sad.”

One person wrote him what his happiest memory was. He said chewing on a blanket he called “blankie.” It even changed colors from yellow to brown.

The next one is — what is your weirdest talent?”

Josh said he and a friend called Lanchin had their own language called “gibberish.” He spoke some of it rapidly to demonstrate. He said it was his “only talent,” though he also made a sound like a cricket when Fallon asked him to do it.

“Are there any hidden secrets in any of The Hunger Games movies?”

Josh said there was, and when Fallon showed a photo from Catching Fire, Josh talked about the hidden meaning in it, a reference to a nightclub he and other cast members enjoyed going to while filming.

Josh then talked about a scene that Jimmy Fallon showed next. Josh had been tortured and brainwashed. He told Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) “No one is safe now. They’re coming to get us.”

Jimmy Fallon

Beer Hockey, Jimmy Fallon explained, was “a combination between Beer Pong and air hockey.” If a goal was score against one of them, that person had to chug beer. Josh had to chug first, then Jimmy. Josh scored again, so Fallon had to drink once more. Then, Fallon scored, and Josh had to drink.

The score was tied, and two pucks were in play for a while. Jimmy scored the tiebreaker, to win, and Josh had to chug again. Fallon then said that “Tracy Ullman will be on when we come back.”

Jimmy Fallon

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon returned from break, Fallon admitte that Josh was the actual winner of the Beer Hockey game. Then, heintroduced the hilarious comedian, Tracy Ullman, who will be in the upcoming movie, Into the Woods.

“How are you, my pal?”

“I’m really good. You’re as perky as ever,” she told Fallon.

Tracy mentioned that she will be in the musical, “Bandwagon.” Fallon showed photos of her and Michael McKeon acting together.

Then, she talked about embarrassing her son did. She said she was telling somebody in a store about swimming suits for her son, and her son finally told her, “Mom, that’s Kanye West!”

“Do you sing in Into the Woods?” Fallon asked.

“Yes – I play Jack’s mom in Jack and the Beanstalk. I had my own cow,” she said, leaning over to scratch Fallon behind his ear as if she was scratching the cow’s head. She said that the cow licked her after she scratched it behind the ears, like a dog would. “How can you eat something like that?” she asked. The Tonight Show went to yet another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

From their debut album, Talking Dreams, here is Echosmith performing Cool Kids!” Jimmy Fallon said when the Tonight Show came back for commercials. They were AMAZING! Sydney has a terrific voice, and she played the keyboards as well as singing. They put on a great performance of the song and the audience erupted in applause as Sydney finished singing.

Another Thursday episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came and went, but it was entertaining and cool while it lasted. Josh Hutcherson is amazing in The Hunger Games flicks, and he and Fallon played a game of Beer Hockey, which went to Josh. Tracy Ullman was the second guest, and she talked about the play “Bandwagon” she is going to be in, the upcoming movie, Into the Woods, and more. Echosmith singing Cool Kids rounded out the very enjoyable show.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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