Jimmy Fallon and Matthew McConaughey Play ‘Face Breakers’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had a couple of really stellar guests tonight, with Matthew McConaughey, from the upcoming movie, Interstellar, as Fallon’s first guest of the show. Later in the episode, he and Jimmy Fallon played the game Face Breakers. Then, Jimmy Fallon’s second guest of the night was a star in her own right, starring in the comedy series 2 Broke Girls actress Beth Behrs. The musical guest this Thursday night on the Tonight Show was the fantastic Tove Lo.

Jimmy Fallon walked onstage at the start of the Tonight Show and welcomed everyone there to the show. They gave him a standing ovation. He then did his monologue, cracking jokes about interesting and trending news items of interest. What follows are some of the jokes and topics he mentioned.

Now that the mid-term elections are over, President Obama has invited members of both parties and houses of Congress over to the White House tomorrow. He said he wouldn’t be there, though,” Fallon said.

“Utah candidate Mia Love has become the first black woman to be elected a member of Congress. She’s also a Mormon. Even a unicorn said ‘A black Republican woman got elected to Congress, and she’s also a Mormon? I’m not buying it.'”

Then, Jimmy Fallon made a couple of jokes about robot penguins and showed a clip of one. “Finally, a nursing home in New Jersey got in trouble for having a calendar of some of their residents. You can tell they’re getting old because Miss April ends in June.’

Fallon mentioned tomorrow’s guest and then told the audience who tonight’s guests would be, Matthew McConaughey from Interstellar and Beth Behrs from 2 Broke Girls The musical guest will be Tove Lo, he said.

The hashtag for the week was #IfIWereInCharge. Some of the replies people sent Jimmy Fallon about what they would do if they were in charge include the following action items:

“People with ‘I Ran a Marathon’ Bumper stickers would have to replace them with ones that said ‘I’m Better Than You.'”

“Sirens and flashing lights would go off when anyone tried to buy more than 10 items in the ’10 Items or Less’ lane.”

“Nissan would have to name their next car ‘The Liam Nissan.'”

“All politicians would have to wear thongs until they passed a balanced budget legislation.”

“I would put the Ebola patients in Vegas because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from its first break of the night, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest, Matthew McConaughey. He won a Golden Globe and other awards for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. Ladies and gentlemen, Matthew McConaughey!”

Matthew told Jimmy that he “really didn’t think I would win that category.” He did not relaize, at first, that his name had been called as winning the award.

“People love me, man,” Matthew said.

“You posted online one of the very first trophies you won,” Fallon showed a picture of a young Matthew with a Little Mr. Texas Award. He said that he “zoomed in close on the words and it really said Little Mr. Texas Runner-Up.” His mom had not been telling him the truth.

They talked about the movie, Interstellar. “It’s a great love story between a father and a daughter,” Matthew said. “It’s an enormous movie, but it’s still a great love story about a father and his child. I play Cooper, who’s leaving behind his daughter and doesn’t know if he will ever see her again.”

Jimmy Fallon then showed a video clip of Interstellar. Michael Caine was also in the scene. They were awesome together. “I have kids, professor,” Matthew’s character said.

“Then, go up there and save them,” Michael Caine’s character said.

Jimmy Fallon and Matthew have played other games in the past, but never the one Fallon challenged Matthew to tonight. They will play Face Breakers when the Tonight Show returns.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show came back from break, Jimmy Fallon and Matthew McConaughey threw footballs at a wall of glass with their opponent’s faces and their own on it. The first person to break all of the glass over the opponent’s face wins.

Matthew scored his first time; Fallon did not. Then, both Matthew and Fallon scored, and Matthew overshot the whole board with his next shot. Jimmy made a small comeback, but his aim was off. Matthew easily took over the lead and retained it until…close to the end, when Fallon had the final shot and broke the last of the faces on the board with his football.

Jimmy Fallon

There was another commercial break, and then, when the Tonight Show came back, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest of the evening, Beth Behrs from 2 Broke Girls.

“I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about you,” Fallon said.

Beth thanked him, then Fallon asked her about a bandage on her hand. She had gotten stitches on her hand, as she cut it with a knife trying to cut avocados. “I was really cool about it, at first,” she siad, “until I saw the tendons.”

She then said she tried to get a bottle of purple Kombucha from the refrigerator, and did not have enough grip strength. She dropped the bottle, and it exploded everywhere, getting the stuff even on her ceiling. She said she was worried if it would be okay for her pet dog — of course, the glass would not at all be okay, Fallon mentioned.

She talked to Fallon about being in school and “doing a very flamboyant Ferdinand Magellan,” and falling all over the place. She told Fallon “it made the local news.”

Fallon said that one of his writers, Morgan Murphy, now writes for 2 Broke Girls Fallon congratulated her for the show getting nominated for an Emmy. Then, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to yet another commercial break.

Tove Lo performed the song Not On Drugs from her latest album, Queen of the Clouds. Behind her, kalediscopic patterns were shown on screens. The effect was pretty trippy. It was a very cool song, though probably not for everybody’s tastes. The song and scenes on the screens got even more psychedelic-looking as she sang. Fallon joined her onstage as she finished singing, with the album in his hands to show the audience, and he thanked Tove Lo for appearing on the Tonight Show.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon featured Jimmy’s guests Matthew McConaughey, who talked with Fallon about his latest movie, Interstellar, and played the game Face Breakers with him. His second guest was the always funny Beth Behrs, who is one of the stars of 2 Broke Girls. Then, the musical guest of the night, Tove Lo, closed out this episode with a very cool song. What is a lesson to be learned from this episode? Be careful cutting avocados and always make sure to have a tight grip when grabbing a bottle of purple Kombucha.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Matthew McConaughey Play ‘Face Breakers’

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