Jimmy Fallon Plays Pop Quiz With Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

It is Tuesday night and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon visited a bit with two hosts of the Today Show, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. They were both Fallon’s first guests, and Jimmy Fallon later played the game Pop Quiz with them! The second guest on the Tonight Show was actress Felicity Jones and Jimmy Fallon’s musical guest on “Election Night Tuesday” was FKA Twigs, making for a very entertaining show, indeed.

After welcoming his audience, Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, began talking about people and events in the news today in his monologue. “Here’s what’s in the news today,” he said. “Today were the mid-term elections. The Washington Post said there’s a 98 percent chance of the Republicans taking over the Senate. The New York Times said it was 78 percent. CNN said ‘Wait –that’s today?'”

Then, Jimmy Fallon played Taylor Swift’s video, Shake it Off, with Obama’s voice added, saying “Vote vote vote vote” over and over again.

Fallon joked about marijuana legalization being on the ballot in several states, and said “According to a recent study, babies here more than three times as many words from their mothers as they do their father. My wife said “that’s so fascinating,’ and I said ‘Cool.'”

“This guy in Alabama was arrested last week for robbing three Subway sandwich places. The man said that he had tried the Jared Subway Sandwich Diet and it hadn’t worked, so he was just trying to get his money back,” Jimmy Fallon said.

Jimmy Fallon announced upcoming guests like Lucy Liu, James Gaffigan and Jay Leno and tonight’s guests, and he said the U2 would be on the show for a whole week starting November 17. “Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie will be facing off in the game Pop Quiz, and one of them will end up getting soaking wet. The musical guest will be FKA Twigs, and they will be dancing with colorful fabric – it is so cool.”

“It’s time for Pros & Cons. Tonight we’ll take a look at Pros & Cons of Mid-Term Elections. Pro: Republicans have a secret weapon in the elections. Con: Obama. Pro: Having a well-thought out reason for voting for your favorite candidate. Con: Because you see their name on a sign in a neighbor’s lawn. Pro: Voting for politicians who vow to stop the spread of Ebola. Con: By going into a crowded space and touching the same voting lever as a few thousand other people. Pro: Wearing a sticker that said ‘I voted.’ Con: because there isn’t a sticker that says ‘I meant to vote, but it was cold out, and rainy, and anyway, what evs.'” The Tonight Show went to a commercial break after Fallon’s monologue.

When the Tonight Show came back, Jimmy Fallon introduced the hosts from the Today Show on NBC, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. “You’re up early, you’re up late,” Fallon said.

“Anything for you, Jimmy,” Savannah said. He showed a picture of Savannah, her daughter, and husband. Matt was in the background dressed up as a pink rabbit.

Jimmy Fallon thanked them for helping him out when it came to finding clips of Brian Williams rapping. Fallon showed a clip of Williams doing the famous Sir Mix-a-Lot song, Baby Got Back. It was great! They wanted to be also used in a rap song. Fallon told them “You guys are busy.”

Savannah said “We’re not that busy.”

Fallon talked to them about the elections, and about how Clinton was out campaigning all around the country, while Obama was mostly sticking to the White House. Then, Jimmy Fallon said “Let’s forget about politics for a while. Are you guys up for a round of Pop Quiz?”

Savannah said “Yes!” enthusiastically. When the Tonight Show returned from more commercials, the challenge was on!

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon explained the rules and acted as the host of Pop Quiz, a trivia show. Both Savannah and Matt had dunce caps on. Jimmy said if they answer incorrectly or their opponent answered correctly, the other one would be raised up higher to a balloon filled with water.

The first question, which Savannah got incorrect, was “Who were the sisters in Frozen?” She said something like “Elsa and the other sister.”

They were asked questions about the name of the Cheers bar (“The Regal Beagle”) the name of Taylor Swift’s latest album, and others. Savannah got the name of the album incorrect and the pointy tip of her hat almost touched the bottom of the balloon.

Matt then got a question wrong, and was getting ever closer, too. “I’m beginning to slouch,” he said.

“What actress played Matthew Broderick’s sister in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?” Fallon asked Matt Lauer. He did not know the correct answer was Jennifer Grey, and his chair was raised high enough that the tip of his hat popped the balloon. Both he and Jimmy Fallon got soaked by the water in it.

Jimmy Fallon

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back after another commercial break, Fallon welcomed his second guest, from The Theory of Everything, actress Felicity Jones! Felicity had a black tie on. She said that she stayed connected with her sister in England by Skype. Fallon asked her about “a little family scare.”

Felicity said that she and Jonah Hill play a couple in an upcoming movie, and she plays someone who is very pregnant. She said that the Paps were there, and the next day the pictures appeared in newspapers all around London. She told Fallon she was asked if she was pregnant and had not told anybody about it.

Then, Fallon asked her about playing a witch in a TV series in England about playing a witch. She said everyone was given a cat, “but it was a very unhappy cat.” The cat hissed at her.

Fallon said that “the special effects are wonderful. See if you can tell what’s real and what’s not.” He showed a clip of her getting knocked in the face by a branch that the girl ahead of her released, though it was obvious that the branch that actually hit her was a different one.  Jimmy Fallon

The movie The Theory of Everything is about Stephen Hawkings and how he fell in love before he got MS as well as his life afterward. She plays his future wife in the scene Fallon showed, Jane Hawking, and tells him in the clip “I love you,” and she does not care if they might not have very long before the MS affects him in a more major way.

After the Tonight Show returned from yet more commercials, Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical guest of the evening, FKA Twigs. The album is LP1. She made her American debut on the show, singing one of the tracks off of her album. It was extremely cool, electronic-sounding. The singer’s actual name is Tahliah Barnett. She got the nickname “Twigs” by how loudly her bones sound when she cracked them, according to her iTunes bio. She danced about as she sang with a billowing silky fabric of some sort, that gave an even more ethereal feel to the song.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was a terrific Tuesday night show, with Today Show hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie as Jimmy’s first guests. They played the game Pop Quiz, a trivia show, with the loser, Matt Lauer — and Fallon — ending up getting soaking wet when a balloon full of water above Lauer’s head popped when the tip of his hat pierced it. Actress Felicity Jones was a very entertaining guest, as well. She talked with Fallon about her latest movie, The Theory of Everything. FKA Twigs was a fantastic performance artist, with a wide vocal range. She held the audience in the palms of her hands as she sang.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Plays Pop Quiz With Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie [Video]

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